We are glad that through Wulflund (Replica Sword Shop) we can offer you replicas of weapons that are constructed for sword fight or they can serve as an accessory for historical costumes (sharp daggers or sharpened swords). It the category of Weapons you can also find hand-forged knives and viking saxes that you can use during outdoor events or trips to the nature. In addition to our large offer of commonly favourite repicas of cold weapons (swords, rapiers, daggers, sabres, axes, poleweapons, basket hilt swords) we have special section with firearms (muskets and cannons). Those of you who are interested in traditional archery will be probably joyous of English longbows and arrows that are historical authentic. Be careful during using all replicas of weapons and we wish you a lot of pleasure with our products.

Wulflund products are tested by swordsmen - during practising and during battles in Europe.

This demonstration (practise) fight is performed by the re-enactment group of Gromovoj (www.gromovoj.cz) and Daoine Ceilte (www.dobazelezna.cz). Mainly eqipped by our shop.

Wulflund Stage Combat Swords
Our sword mark on the blades.


Schwert - Schwerte - Schwerter

European Medieval Martial Arts - Reenacting and Living History Swords

Our offer of medieval swords, Celtic and Viking swords mostly encompass swords that are fully usable for historical swordplay (swordgame). For blades we use mostly high carbon spring steel (14260,7), case hardened. Swords are forged or grinded. We will continuously add new swords, sabres, rapiers, daggers and other replicas that are designed for reenactors (medieval, Celtic, Viking and orient battle reenactment). Most of blades are blunt, if sword is sharp it is noticed in the text. SHARP SWORDS ARE NOT FOR LIVE ACTION!

Wulflund Armoury Armory Arms Swords

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Our categories of the swords are (marked by icons in product's detail):

  • BATTLE READY SWORDS - designed for re-enactment / live steel use. With a guarantee against breakage. Generally with blunt blade. They can be also sharpened for the customer's request but then they belong to the category of decorative swords.
  •  DECORATIVE SWORDS – are made for display only. They are usually sharp. Don't use them for fight!
  • STAGE COMBAT SWORDS – swords designed for costume / theatrical usage. These swords have commonly the blade that is not case hardened and we don't offer a quarantee for breakage. These swords can not be used in re-enactment fights.
  • UNIQUE REPLICAS – swords on which we are poud. These swords are made like real weapons. Usually sharp, with many forged parts, well-crafted and decorated. No serial production. Figuratively speaking – this sword you can také to you grave. These swords can not be used in re-enactment fights.


Dolch - Dolche - Stilett

Medieval daggers, arabic daggers and renaissance daggers with blunt point - battle ready daggers (designed, constructed and manufactured for historic swordplay). Second sort of daggers in our offer are daggers with sharp point, these replicas are NOT FOR LIVE ACTION (swordgame). Use them as a decoration equipment for your historic costume. Material that is commonly used for daggers is high-quality hardened steel, wood (for handle), metal wire (for handle) and sometimes bronze or brass. Our daggers are made in European Union, mostly in the Czech Republic.



Most of our knives are hand-forged. Our choice of our online cutlery is focused on ancient (Celtic) to medieval knives (Middle Age of Europe). Especially Celtic (replicas from Celtic oppids) forged knives and Viking knives (so called saex or scramasax - with antler) belong to our top historical reenactment products. You can find here probably the largest offer of Celtic and Slavic knives that are replicas from archeological spots. Be sure that this category will be enlarged. Most of hand forged knives are made of steel - 14260, 19312 or 19421 (extremly good in cutting and chopping). Carbon content: 0.6, 0.8 and 1.1 %.

Axt, Schlagwaffen

Schlagwaffen - Axte

Do you like Reenacting the Middle Ages? If so then this category full of Pole Weapons, Halberds, Fauchards, War Axes, Spears, Pole axes, Flails, War Axes and Maces will be interested you. Some of these products are battle ready others not. Custom made polle arms, axes, German hammers or halberds are possible. Number of new accessory for your medieval reenactment will raise, watch newly added items.



This category offers you Medieval Firearms such as historic gatling guns, hand guns, field cannons, muskets or arquebuses.

There are special terms and conditions connected with the category "firearms". We cannot send cannons by the Czech Post. Please consult with us the way of delivery. It is possible to bring it by our car to you.



Equipment for European Traditional Archery. We cooperate directly with bow manufacturers and therefore our bows are custom-made. At our Archers Shop you can choose leather traditional quivers or hunter's quivers, Leather Crossbow Quivers, Bow Bags, Finger Guard Tabs, Archery Glove. Among medieval functional crossbows we have in our offer also pistol crossbows or fully functional miniatures of gothic crossbows.

Lanzen, Speere

Lanzen, Speere

Lanzen und Speere.

Swiss army knives

Swiss army knives - Victorinox

Victorinox - Swiss knife manufacturer based in the town of Ibach, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1884.

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