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Bois et sculptures

Des milliers d'objets peuvent être sculptés dans du bois.

Vaisselle en bois - assiettes, cuillères, fourchettes, plats...

Produits décoratifs en bois - sculptures, meubles, plaques...

Des commandes personnalisées sont possibles.

dishes, spoons, cooperage

Cooperage, Wooden Plates, Wooden Dishes, Hand Carved Wooden Spoons, Hand carved Cups

Wooden dining utensils for your stylish banquets: Wooden Plates, Wooden Dishes, Hand Carved Wooden Spoons, Hand Carved Wooden Cups, Mugs, Barrels, Traditional Cooperage.

wooden statues, plaques, boxes

Wooden Statues, Historical Statues, Idols, Thunderbird Totems, Celtic Wooden Figurines

Our hand-carved wooden statues and wall decorations can become very stylish part of your interior or garden. Origin of these products comes mostly from the area of the Carpathian Mountains where probably most skillful wood-carvers are born. Some custom made carvings are also possible, but it can take longer time to make it.

Cannes de marche

Cannes de marche

Cannes de marche

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