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cuirs et fourrures

Cuirs de vaches et fourures de cerf, chevreuil...

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HALF OF A COW HIDE 2 - 2.5 mm 1dm2

Le numéro de catalogue: RLE3

Prix: 1.60 €

Each cowhide has a different shape ... this photo is only for illustration. Our cat is a scale :)
!! Price is set for 1dm2 - 10x10 cm  !! If you have a special wish, use a message box during last step of your order !!!

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Le numéro de catalogue: RLE10

Prix: 63.00 €


Czech bred sheepskin. Length approximately 1m.

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Chevreuil, fourrure

Le numéro de catalogue: RLE5

Prix: 60.00 €


Skins can include holes after shooting. After purchase make please one good deed for the Nature. We owe it to the Mother Earth.

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Peau de Chamois

Le numéro de catalogue: RLE8

Prix: 98.00 €


Scale: sword- 73 cm.

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Cabris, mélange de cuir

Le numéro de catalogue: LBA106

Prix: 31.00 €


Mix of twelve colors - kidskins.  The size of the pieces is about 15 x 15 cm, suitable for small leather production.

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0.00 €
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