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  • LOGAN design knife with sheath - blue

    Catalogue number: KNI291
    Price: 109.00 €
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    Handmade knife, which is a unique achievement in the market. Two crafts are connected here - cutlery and saddlery production. On the handle of the spring steel knife is used stitched leather, which is processed masterfully. Stitched and finished to make this knife truly a jewel for its owner. The…
  • Stone Spear, amulet, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ6213
    Price: 12.00 €
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    Spear Pendant in the style of paleolithic or Indian spears.

    • Material: bronze
    • Size: 1.6 x 3.9 cm
  • WHITE WOLF, set of 2 Shot Glasses

    Catalogue number: HGS182
    Price: 22.00 €
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    Set of TWO SHOT GLASSES crafted from so-called forest glass. Each piece is slightly different, the set is hand made in a family glassworks. Forest glass is late medieval glass produced in northwestern and central Europe between cca 1000–1700 CE. It used to be made in forested areas and it …
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