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  • MJÖLLNIR, Viking Leather Bag

    Catalogue number: LBA189
    Price: 59.00 €
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    Stylish Leather Belt Bag with Thor's Hammer. Material: leather, metal alloy Inside space: 17×14×5 cm Total height: 17.5 cm Loop for belt: 8 cm wide High quality of craftsmanship
  • SIGURD, long seax knife

    Catalogue number: KNI296
    Price: 139.00 €
    Scramasax (seax) in a BLUNT version designed especially for re-enactment, including 2-year warranty, a SHARP one will be most appreciated outdoors. Blade from high carbon spring steel, you can buy a leather scabbard separately as well. This seax is not just a historical costume accessory! The Czech…
  • THOR'S HAMMER, leather hair clip

    Catalogue number: LKC29
    Price: 9.00 €
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    Leather HAIR CLIP hand crafted.

    • Material: cowhide, wood
    • Size: 6 x 17 cm
  • VIKING STRAP END for Belts, Haithabu, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ633
    Price: 17.00 €
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    Bronze Viking Belt End Replica from the Danish site Haithabu (grave No. 491), 10th century.

    • Material: bronze
    • Lost wax casting
  • CALDER, Viking Axe

    Catalogue number: FPR319
    Price: 77.00 €
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    A blunt replica of an early medieval axe (viking).

    • Axe size: 14 cm (length)
    • Edge: 6.5 cm
  • BRYNJAR, Viking Axe

    Catalogue number: FPR318
    Price: 77.00 €
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    A blunt replica of an early medieval axe (viking).

    • Axe size: 13.5 cm (length)
    • Edge: 9 cm
  • Viking Turtle Brooch, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ627
    Price: 29.00 €
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    Viking Turtle Brooch which used to worn as a pair.

    • Material: bronze
    • Size: 4 x 5.5 cm
    • Price per one piece
  • VIKING BUTTON, Birka, Sweden bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ610
    Price: 6.00 €
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    Birka Viking Button Replica from Sweden, 10th century.

    • Material: bronze
    • Price per one piece
  • ODIN, Viking Zipped Hoodie

    Catalogue number: TTS632
    Price: 38.00 €
    Odin is associated with healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet, he is the husband of the goddess Frigg. He gave one of his eyes in return for wisdom - the kowledge of runes.  Odin will fight the monstrous wolf Fenrir during the great…
  • Boucle de ceinture Viking, style Borre, alliage d'étain

    Catalogue number: BEA133
    Price: 3.00 €
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    Viking Buckle inspired by an artefact discovered in Norway dating back to the 10th century crafted in the Borre Viking art style. Material pewter Size 2.9 x 3.4 cm For 1.5 cm wide belts
  • GROM, Norman Helmet

    Catalogue number: HVI84
    Price: 189.00 €
    Hand made norman helmet with nasal for re-enactors.   Double protection of the top of the helmet Material thickness either 1.5 mm for decoration or theatre role play, or 2.0 mm  for re-enactment  Always use a lining
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