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  • Bohemian LION, Coat of Arms, shield

    Catalogue number: PSH59
    Price: 125.00 €
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    Size: height 60 x 80 cm. Three layers of 3mm thick high quality beech plywood was used.

  • PAVISE, wooden shield, Hussite Wars

    Catalogue number: LHS18
    Price: 195.00 €
    Availability: 3-4 weeks
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  • Lough Henney Irish Gallowglass Helmet

    Catalogue number: HOT44
    Price: 350.00 €
    Availability: 3-5 weeks
    Replica of the Lough Henney helmet, now deposited in the Ulster museum. The original of the helmet was found on a battlefield at Lough Henney and was worn by an Irish gallowglass. Material 1.5 mm blackened steel, brass

    Catalogue number: HOT38
    Price: 830.00 €
    Availability: In stock

    Example of a custom made helmet. We can make almost any helmet you can imagine. Please contact us with your design.


    Catalogue number: LHS12
    Price: 115.00 €
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
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    Wooden shield of the Pictish tribes. Shield is made from plywood and forged iron shield boss. Orders for custom made shields are accepted - you can order shield with linen on the surface, with rawhide edges - plain shield or painted shield after your request. Price for the shield is without…
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