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  • Grand Master, crusader great helmet with the cross

    Catalogue number: HGO150
    Price: 220.00 €

    Hand made great helmet with brass. Partially blackened.

    • Material 1.5 mm thick steel plate

    Catalogue number: ARP08
    Price: 68.00 €
    - +

    Horse Armour as a unique decoration for your home, business or, indeed, the stables.

    • material metal plate
    • size 23 x 51 cm

    Catalogue number: ARP01
    Price: 150.00 €
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    Combat Gauntlets. One pair of high-quality gauntlets that are fully usable in battles. 1.0 mm thick steel., leather gloves are not included in price. Hand made in the Czech Republic. Our Bestseller.
  • HJALMAR, viking helmet 2mm, riveted aventail

    Catalogue number: HVI45
    Price: 400.00 €
    Hand Made Viking Helmet with Riveted Aventail for Reenactors. Suitable for training purposes as the helmet features good protection in tougher reenactment fights. material thickness 2 mm double protection of the top of the helmet decorated face by hammering riveted chainmail, length 20 cm,…
  • Kettle hat with rivets, helmet

    Catalogue number: HGO148
    Price: 185.00 €
    • Material: 1.5 mm iron plate
  • Medieval Finger Gauntlets

    Catalogue number: HGO75
    Price: 165.00 €
    Fully Functional Finger Gauntlets with Leather Glove Inserts. Steel thickness: 1.5 mm Leather gloves glued, and on the finger-tips sewn, onto the steel Double steel thickness on the back of the hands

    Catalogue number: ARP19
    Price: 170.00 €
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    Gorget and Pauldrons, two of the essential parts of medieval armour.

    • Width of the metal: 1.2 - 1.5 mm
    • LAMELLAR LEATHER BRACER with ELBOW PROTECTION, for combat, one piece

      Catalogue number: LEA79
      Price: 63.00 €
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      Heavy Leather Bracer reinforced with Steel Strips. Designed and made by the swordsmen to swordmen - expect quality materials and functionality. Price if for one piece. Suitable for the Viking Age and Slavic re-enactment.
    • IRON HAT - riveted helmet

      Catalogue number: HGO11
      Price: 195.00 €

      Please see the details and follow instructions at the beginning of this page. 


      Catalogue number: BEA28
      Price: 1.30 €
      - +
      Universal buckles that can be used for an armour, bags, bracers, scabbards etc. Material: tin and zinc alloy Size approx. 2.5 x 3 cm Suitable for belts 1.3 cm wide
    • Hungarian Shield, 15th century, red, white

      Catalogue number: LHS22
      Price: 220.00 €
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      Replica of a Hungarian shield. Inspired by shields from Gladiatoria (15th century German manuscripts), similar shields were common in central European countries. size 190 x 630 mm
    • PLATE ARMOUR - aluminium - for filmmakers

      Catalogue number: SUA18
      Price: 2 750.00 €
      - +
      Aluminium PLATE ARMOUR  for Filmmaking, Theatre etc. Lightweight (so the actors do not end up hating the director) and crafted as a real medieval knight armour. Not made for reenactment as the aluminium will not provide protection in live action fighting. Material: aluminium Fully functional for…
    • SOLARIS, medieval fist shield

      Catalogue number: APW167
      Price: 165.00 €
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      SOLARIS, medieval fist shield.

      • Size: 1.4 x 28.5 cm
    • Medieval Shield HMB, oval

      Catalogue number: BRS39
      Price: 119.00 €
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      Medieval Shield for HMB, oval. It is based on shields used in the 14th and 15th centuries. The shield is for protection as well as attack as you can strike a blow with it. The edges made of rawhide. The shield is held by a system of leather belts. The body is made  of three layers of oak plywood.…
    • LORIC, Medieval Gauntlets

      Catalogue number: ARP103
      Price: 235.00 €
      - +

      LORIC, Medieval Gauntlets.

      • Material thickness: 1.5 mm
    • ROBERT, Great helm

      Catalogue number: HGO164
      Price: 175.00 €
      - +

      ROBERT, Great helm from the Middle Ages.

      • Material: 1.5 mm thick steel plate
    • BRACER, leather, elbow protection, leather straps - 1 piece

      Catalogue number: LEA94
      Price: 65.00 €
      - +

      Professionally hand made leather bracer. Price is set for a one piece.

    • Leather Greave, price is for one piece

      Catalogue number: LEA95
      Price: 65.00 €
      - +

      Leather Greave, price is for one piece.

    • Templar Helmet - Crusader

      Catalogue number: HGO163
      Price: 115.00 €
      - +

      Templar Helmet - Crusader.

      • Helmet is made of mild steel
      • 18 gauge steel (approx. 1.2 mm)
      • Not suitable for combat (too thin steel)
      • Deepeeka
    • LOMBARD, gauntlets

      Catalogue number: ARP101
      Price: 175.00 €
      - +

      LOMBARD, gauntlets

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