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    Catalogue number: ARP01
    Price: 150.00 €
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    Combat Gauntlets. One pair of high-quality gauntlets that are fully usable in battles. 1.0 mm thick steel., leather gloves are not included in price. Hand made in the Czech Republic. Our Bestseller.

    Catalogue number: LEA72
    Price: 70.00 €
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    Leather bracer that is designed for a sword combat to protect your arm from wrist to elbow. Made from thick leather. Made by swordsmen to swordsmen.

  • BALLISTOL, universal oil, spray 200 ml

    Catalogue number: DGO15
    Price: 9.00 €
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    Universal oil - well-tried and unequalled for maintaining metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, and much more. Ideally suited for handicraft, industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports.
  • GUNEX, Ballistol, oil for guns and cold weapons, 50 ml

    Catalogue number: SWA41
    Price: 7.00 €
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    The perfect oil for the long-term preservation of bare metallic parts, even in extreme conditions (-50°C up to 100°C). This oil creeps between metal and moisture, infiltrates hairline cracks, cleans, keeps surfaces smooth, does not get sticky or resinify either. Gunex is free from silicone,…
  • MEDIEVAL FINGER GAUNTELTS, for sword fight, polished, czech top quality

    Catalogue number: ARP66
    Price: 155.00 €
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    Fully functional polished medieval finger gauntlets for combat. You will appreciate their anatomical flexibility. Made in the Czech Republic by the top class armourer (MH).

  • PAVISE SHIELD, battle ready, covered with linen

    Catalogue number: BRS31
    Price: 160.00 €
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  • Abrasive Cloth for rusty arms and armour

    Catalogue number: SWA31
    Price: 3.00 €
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    Abrasive cloth for blades and surfaces of armour.


    Catalogue number: HOT38
    Price: 830.00 €

    Example of a custom made helmet. We can make almost any helmet you can imagine. Please contact us with your design.

  • Leather Lamellar Armour

    Catalogue number: LEA73
    Price: 670.00 €
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    Size of each leather lamella: 4 x 8 cm. Price is for the size of L. Accurate price will give you when we receive your measurements.

  • LEATHER GAUNTLET for sword fight, for right hand

    Catalogue number: LEA68
    Price: 65.00 €
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    Fencing Glove (leather combat gauntlet) exceptional quality to reduce the risk of injury of the hand during sword combat. Made by fencers for the fencers. Great emphasis has been placed not only in the thickness of the material, but also on the anatomy of gloves - you can grip sword easily. Price…
  • STEEL GAUNTLETS with elongated protection of forearm

    Catalogue number: ARP64
    Price: 160.00 €
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    STEEL GAUNTLETS with elongated protection of forearm. Material: 1.5 mm thick steel. Ergonomically shaped parts of fingers.

  • LINEN GAMBESON, padded jack with long sleeves

    Catalogue number: CLM55
    Price: 150.00 €
    Part of armour for the re-enactment purposes, only NATURAL procuts are used like in the past time. Medieval GAMBESON is made using 100% cotton,75% wool, 100% linen (density of up to 260 g to 1 м2). Base of some products consists of 4 layers of batting.
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