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  • Bohemian LION, Coat of Arms, shield

    Catalogue number: PSH59
    Price: 125.00 €
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    Size: height 60 x 80 cm. Three layers of 3mm thick high quality beech plywood was used.

  • Lough Henney Irish Gallowglass Helmet

    Catalogue number: HOT44
    Price: 350.00 €
    Replica of the Lough Henney helmet, now deposited in the Ulster museum. The original of the helmet was found on a battlefield at Lough Henney and was worn by an Irish gallowglass. Material 1.5 mm blackened steel, brass
  • BOHEMIAN COAT OF ARMS, decorated shield, iron and brass

    Catalogue number: PSH50
    Price: 200.00 €
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    Exclusive hand made shield with the BOHEMIAN LION (double tailed lion) as an interior decoration. Size circa 45 x 54 cm. Iron plate with patina.


    Catalogue number: HOT38
    Price: 830.00 €

    Example of a custom made helmet. We can make almost any helmet you can imagine. Please contact us with your design.


    Catalogue number: LHS12
    Price: 115.00 €
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    Wooden shield of the Pictish tribes. Shield is made from plywood and forged iron shield boss. Orders for custom made shields are accepted - you can order shield with linen on the surface, with rawhide edges - plain shield or painted shield after your request. Price for the shield is without…
  • BOHEMIAN COAT OF ARMS, brass and leather, shield

    Catalogue number: PSH44
    Price: 245.00 €
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    Well hand-crafted shield for the Czech patriots all over the world. The shield is covered by the red leather and the Two Tailed Lion is made from the brass. Made in the Czech Republic.

    Catalogue number: OSL38
    Price: 105.00 €
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    Hand made shield with the double-tailed lion - national symbol of Bohemia (part of the Czech Republic).  Size of the shield: ca 50x60 cm.  Thickness 0.8 - 1mm.  For decorative purpose or LARP fighting.

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