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Armor Parts

If you don't want to buy full suit of armour now, you can do it step by step.  For this purpose we have opened our category of Armor Parts.

Steel Gauntlets, Greaves, Iron Vambraces, Gorgets, Pauldrons, Couters, Tassets, Breastplates, Poleyns (for knees), Cuisse, Besagews, Lance Rests and more.

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Catalog number: ARP01

Your Price: 150.00 €


Combat Gauntlets. One pair of high-quality gauntlets that are fully usable in battles. 1.0 mm thick steel., leather gloves are not included in price. Hand made in the Czech Republic. Our Bestseller.

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Catalog number: ARP19

Your Price: 170.00 €


Gorget and Pauldrons, two of the essential parts of medieval armour.

  • Width of the metal: 1.2 - 1.5 mm

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Catalog number: ARP08

Your Price: 68.00 €


Horse Armour as a unique decoration for your home, business or, indeed, the stables.

  • material metal plate
  • size 23 x 51 cm

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Medieval Hourglass Finger Gauntlets

Catalog number: ARP93

Your Price: 165.00 €


Functional medieval gauntlets. Material thickness: 1.5 mm.

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Custom Leg Armor - poleyns and cuisses, polished, 1.5 mm

Catalog number: ARP76

Your Price: 260.00 €


Custom Leg Armor: poleyns and cuisses, polished, 1.5 mm. Made by the Czech top class armoury, fully functional. Price is for the pair.

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Nobleman Gauntlets Decorated with Fleur de Lis

Catalog number: ARP48

Your Price: 220.00 €


Exclusive gauntlets with brass Fleur de Lis.

Material: tin, brass

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Medieval Hourglass Gauntlets

Catalog number: ARP92

Your Price: 140.00 €


Functional medieval gauntlets. Material thickness: 1.5 mm.

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Medieval Finger Gauntlets

Catalog number: HGO75

Your Price: 165.00 €


Fully Functional Finger Gauntlets with Leather Glove Inserts.

  • Steel thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Leather gloves glued, and on the finger-tips sewn, onto the steel
  • Double steel thickness on the back of the hands

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MEDIEVAL FINGER GAUNTELTS, for sword fight, polished, czech top quality

Catalog number: ARP66

Your Price: 155.00 €


Fully functional polished medieval finger gauntlets for combat. You will appreciate their anatomical flexibility. Made in the Czech Republic by the top class armourer (MH).

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LORIC, Medieval Gauntlets

Catalog number: ARP103

Your Price: 235.00 €


LORIC, Medieval Gauntlets.

  • Material thickness: 1.5 mm

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PAULDRONS, highly polished, 2 mm steel

Catalog number: ARP85

Your Price: 130.00 €


Fully functional pauldrons for medieval re-enactment and combat. Thickness: 2 mm. Highly polished.

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ROMAN GLADIATOR, Phalerae Harness

Catalog number: ARP89

Your Price: 130.00 €


Gladiator´s armour with aluminium phalerae.

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Landsknecht Gauntlets

Catalog number: ARP104

Your Price: 275.00 €


Landsknecht Gauntlets. These Landsknecht finger gauntlets are made in the style of the 16th century.

  • fully functional
  • black finish
  • mterial thickness: 1.0 mm

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LOMBARD, gauntlets

Catalog number: ARP101

Your Price: 175.00 €


LOMBARD, gauntlets

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Greek Muscle Cuirass, brass plate

Catalog number: ARP88

Your Price: 220.00 €


Brass Greek curiass.

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SABATONS or sollerets, polished, 1.5 mm

Catalog number: ARP71

Your Price: 130.00 €


Polished sabatons from 1.5 mm thick material.

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Catalog number: ARP70

Your Price: 250.00 €


Fully functional front cusriass. We will make you a custom made curiass that will fit on your body. Thickness: 1.5 mm.

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Catalog number: ARP86

Your Price: 135.00 €


High quality hourglass gauntlets. Thickness: 1.5 mm, polished.

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