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  • ARNGRIM, viking helmet

    Catalogue number: HVI52
    Price: 550.00 €
    Hand Made Viking Helmet for re-enactor's and collectors featuring double protection of the top of the helmet and decorated face as well as: raised edges for eyes for better deflection of strokes convex nasal and frontal head stripe parts of helmet (fields) are tempered and hardened  helmet…
  • STEINAR, viking helmet with chainmail, riveted chains

    Catalogue number: HVI56
    Price: 330.00 €
    Hand made viking helmet for re-enactment and training. Manufactured by Wulflund. Double protection of the top of the helmet Material thickness 2 mm Aventail length 20 cm, riveted chains 8 mm in diameter, 1.2 mm thickess wire, round cross section Always use a padded lining
  • HAGBARD, viking helmet

    Catalogue number: HVI53
    Price: 250.00 €
    Hand Made Viking Helmet for Reenactors.   Double protection of the top of the helmet Face decorated by hammering Material thickness 1.5 mm for decoration, Theatre; 2 mm for reenactment Always use a lining Can be supplied with Reivetted Chainmail and lining for extra surcharge
  • Kettle Hat, medieval helmet, armour

    Catalogue number: HGO153
    Price: 185.00 €

    Kettle hat.

    • Material thickness: 1.5 mm
  • MEDIEVAL VISOR HELMET, combat version 2 mm

    Catalogue number: HGO154
    Price: 290.00 €
    Price before discount: 298.00 €

    Helmet with visor, decorated with brass.

    • Material 2 mm steel plate, brass
  • Gothic Visor Helmet

    Catalogue number: HGO62
    Price: 230.00 €

    Hand made helmet for re-enactors.

    • Material 1.5 mm steel plate
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