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ARMOUR Helmets, Shields / HMB - Armour, Body Protection

HMB - Armour, Body Protection

We have a selection of suits of armour or individual pieces (helmets, cuirasses, bracers, protection for hands and legs, etc.) for medieval contact fighting (HMB, Buhurt/melee). Each customer has specific requirements for protection and historical accuracy, so just consider the products we already offer as a starting point: we will gladly take orders for bespoke pieces.

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Bassinet 14th century, klappvisor, HMB

Catalog number: HGO151

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Klappvisored bascinet, 14th Century. Made from 2.5 mm mild steel, helmet includes padded-liner, and  riveted chainmail aventail. This helmet is made in Ukraine with a long time tradition of HMB (Buhurt).

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HMB Almond Shaped Shield

Catalog number: BRS37

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Medieval HMB shield. Made of three layers of beech plywood, thickness 3 mm,  overall thickness: 9-10 mm. Size: 71 cm x 37 cm. Coated with linen and trimmed with rawhide.

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Medieval Shield HMB, oval

Catalog number: BRS39

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Medieval Shield for HMB, oval. It is based on shields used in the 14th and 15th centuries. The shield is for protection as well as attack as you can strike a blow with it. The edges made of rawhide. The shield is held by a system of leather belts. The body is made  of three layers of oak plywood. The front of the shield is covered with two layers of canvas which lends the shield higher mechanical strength.

  • Beech plywood, rawhide, canvas
  • Thickness of the body 3 mm
  • Height 70 cm

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