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Goggles for airsoft.

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Catalog number: TOR118

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The smallest fragment can end the biggest mission for a soldier, but the best eyewear does more than protect against ballistic fragmentation. It provides the optical clarity that helps the soldier avoid the danger in the first place. It offers uncompromising comfort that lets the soldier concentrate and stay focused. And it maximizes efficiency and convenience by offering the widest possible compatibility.Oakley has spent decades engineering combat-ready equipment for the U.S. Armed Forces, and the SI BALLISTIC M FRAME® 3.0 brings the future of protective eyewear to today’s battlefield and beyond. Our icon is synonymous with precision optical engineering and unrivaled innovation, and this design shows why.Barely more than an ounce in weight, this rugged design meets or exceeds the ballistic fragmentation impact standards of MIL PRF-31013, Clause, and the high mass & high velocity impact requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003/2010.An entirely new thin stem technology optimizes durability while enabling compatibility with over-ear hearing protection and communication systems. Clear, unobstructed vision is maintained by a advanced anti-fog coating of all lenses. Offering the ultimate in convenience, compatibility, clarity and comfort, this protective optical system is paired with three optional interchangeable lenses, and all are optimized with the visual fidelity of High Definition Optics®. Oakley’s patented optical technologies maintain clarity at all angles of vision, not just straight ahead.

LENS:All optional lenses are made of Plutonite®, Oakley’s high purity optical-grade polycarbonate All lenses feature Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO®) with Polaric Ellipsoid™ geometryAll lenses feature an advanced anti-fog coatingUV protection of Plutonite lens material that filters out all UVA / UVB & harmful blue light up to 400nm wavelengthMeets or exceeds high mass and high velocity impact requirements per ANSI Z87.1-2003/2010Meets or exceeds ballistic fragmentation impact standards per MIL PRF-31013, Clause fit, even in wet conditions via hydrophilic Unobtainium® nose padClear lens features 89% visible light transmittance, suitable for use in low-light to no-light conditionsPersimmon lens features 69% visible light transmittance, suitable for use in low-light to no-light conditions  Grey lens features 15% visible light transmittance, suitable for bright light; meets MCEPS neutrality and chromaticity requirementsNew lens cut AGRO - Increased peripheral coverage

FRAME:Thin stem technology enables compatibility with over-ear hearing protection and communication systemsSystem features quick, tool-free lens changingUltra lightweight design (1.05-ounce total weight)Full compatibility with helmet-mounted night vision devicesFull compatibility with MICH, ACH, CVC, PASGT, and Crye™ HelmetsImpact and chemical resistant O Matter® frame material

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Combat Goggles Clear, Invader Gear, green

Catalog number: TOR83

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Goggles for airsoft. Clear glass. Weight of about 43 g.

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X1000 Tactical Goggles, Bollé

Catalog number: TOR84

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The Bollé Safety brand is one of the most trusted brands in safety eyewear and is regularly supplied to military and law enforcement organisations.

Ballistic protection according to STANAG 2920 (NATO Standardization Agreement - the adoption of standards for ballistic protection levels and testing) provides users with an excellent level of protection against high speed particles and splinters (high resistance).

Quality Bollé X1000 low profile ballistic goggles offers the best anti-scratch and anti-fog resistance. The X1000 goggle fits under most military helmets offering comfort, adaptability and protection. Moreover it features equalizer technology which uses a waterproof, breathable vent to eliminate any moisture. The result is distortion free vision and no fogging at any altitude. With the X1000 you will be completely protected and prepared for any situation.

  • Panoramic field vision
  • Ballistic Polycarbonate - 3,0mm - Curve 5
  • STANAG 2920 Clear lens: v50 220.7 m/s
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings
  • High heat resistance TPV frame
  • Indirect ventilation frame
  • Equalizer ventilation technology
  • Wide adjustable 35mm strap with non-slip technology
  • Pivot for helmet wearers
  • Quick release system
  • Micro-fibre pouch around the strap
  • Supplied with black carry case

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Ballistic glasses, ICE Tactical Kit, ESS

Catalog number: TOR126

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The ESS ICE Tactical Kit is designed specifically for Law Enforcement, adapted from one of the world's most established ballistic spectacle: the ESS ICE. This new configuration eliminates time spent changing lenses, allowing users to quickly switch between pre-assembled eyeshields to adapt to changing light environments.
Additionally, this new configuration helps extend product life by eliminating wear and tear on lenses that can occur when swapping lens colors.
As with all products in the ESS Interchangeable Component Eyeshield (ICE) Series, the ICE Tactical Kit is a lightweight, frameless eye protection system that offers a unique combination of high-impact resistance, unrestricted field of view, and interchangeable lenses for effective eye protection in any light condition.
Equipped with the new ICE temple designs, ICE eyeshields feature improved fit with headborne equipment and increased ease of temple adjustment and lens interchange. 
Adjustable earbends allow for a comfortable, secure, anatomical fit. Telescoping temples offer bend-to-fit inner-wire ear tabs and a snap-on leash system.

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