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fire - firestarters, lighters, lights

Fire - firestarters, lighters.

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Military Storm Pocket Lighter, Clawgear

Catalog number: TOR30

Your Price: 5.00 €


Military Lighter - Clawgear, Austria.

  • Windproof Jet Flame
  • Adjustable micro burner up to 1300°C
  • Piezo ignition
  • Gas-refillable
  • Non-reflective - black mat
  • Soft grip surface
  • Quiet open / close securecap
  • Lightweight

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Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Firestarter

Catalog number: TOR161

Your Price: 32.00 €


2-piece design

Easy to use

Rubber overmold provides grip

Paracord lanyard attaches to keychain, pack or jacket zipper


Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide

Specifications:- Total length: 88 mm- Weight: 23g

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Tactical MOLLE Torch

Catalog number: TOR391

Your Price: 12.00 €


The Viper Tactical MOLLE torch will fit inside the horizontal webbing on most MOLLE and Viper Modular Sysems.

  • body made in lightweight Aluminium with rear metal clip
  • takes just 1 x AA battery (not included)
  • weight: 50 g
  • brightness: 1 watt
  • size: 8.5 x 2 cm

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FIREPEN — a pocket-sized innovative metal cutting product

Catalog number: TOR319

Your Price: 25.00 €


FIREPEN — a pocket-sized innovative metal cutting produc. No access to electricity, acetylene or oxygen, but you need to cut or weld metal? FIREPEN is your solution!

FIREPEN is the latest scientific development with no analogues in the world. Its unique chemical composition makes it possible to cut through fittings, steel ropes, grills, pipes and other metal products in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is light a FIREPEN with a match.
With combustion temperature of 2800 °C, start up in less than 5 seconds and no special training required, FIREPEN is indispensable in extreme conditions and for emergency evacuation.

It’s very useful in inaccessible areas; during works of elimination of consequences of natural and industrial disasters; in absence of electricity; when electric or gas welding equipment is not possible to use. FIREPEN works under water!


  • Burning time                 20 seconds
  • Weight                          100 gr
  • Length                          300 mm
  • Diameter                       15 mm
  • Combustion temperature 2800 ° C
  • Ignition temperature       1300 ° C
  • One FIREPEN can cut up to 16-18 mm thick material


Keep your FIREPEN away from open flames, in a dry place and original package. Avoid the possibility of mechanical damage.

Storage temperatures: between + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C ; humidity: below 65%.

FIREPEN launch

The “start” of FIREPEN requires a temperature of 1300°C, a special match included in each package, rolled in a protection material, provides this temperature.


FIREPEN is explosion-proof and fireproof! It cannot be launched by common fire generating devices. While working with the product, protect your hands from sparks with canvas gloves and your eyes with safety glasses (dark sunglasses can be used).



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Gerber BG Firestarter

Catalog number: TOR37

Your Price: 20.00 €


Small and compact, the Fire Starter offers years of use. Watertight construction keeps tinder safe and dry, so when you need it, you can trust it.

  • Compact fire starter with ferrocerium rod and metal striker
  • Lanyard to keep product secure and together
  • Emergency Whistle - Integrated into lanyard cord
  • Waterproof storage compartment for tinder
  • Land to air rescue instructions and SOS
  • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials

Length: 12.2 cm. Weight: 74 g.

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Gerber Micro Torch

Catalog number: TOR38

Your Price: 15.00 €


Every survival tool, no matter its size, is important. The Micro Torch is a compact L.E.D. light that can attach to any zipper on your jacket, vest, backpack or fleece. It’s built with a long-lasting L.E.D. bulb with four settings - Low, High, Beacon/Blinking and Off. The soft rubber switch makes it easy to use in any condition, even when wearing gloves. Every bit of light goes a long way in the wild. Gerber, USA.

  • Overall Length: 4.5 cm
  • Weight: 8 g
  • Batteries: [2] CR1616
  • Lumens: Low: 3, High: 8, Beacon/Blinking: 8
  • Runtime: Low: 9 hrs, High: 3.5 hrs, Beacon/Blinking: 6 hrs


  • Compact
  • Long Lasting L.E.D. Bulb
  • 4 Settings – High, Low, Beacon/Blinking & Off
  • Easy to Use Soft Rubber Switch
  • Priorities of Survival Guide

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Light Stick Yellow, Clawgear

Catalog number: TOR48

Your Price: 2.00 €


The 6" lightstick is a portable and cost-efficient source of light. Each lightstick is a pliable plastic tube filled with two non-toxic chemical solutions, one held separate in a floating ampule to prevent activation until required. To activate, simply bend the tube and shake. This breaks the ampule and mixes the chemicals. A bright light is released via chemi-luminescense, a chemical reaction converting energy to light without heat, flame, or sparks. No batteries or bulbs are required. These lightsticks are suitable for a wide range of applications in combat, training and outdoor activity.
24 g.

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Rubber Bands Micro 12pcs

Catalog number: TOR49

Your Price: 3.00 €


Rubber Bands Micro 12pcs. Our most versatile piece of equipment, a must have accessory for every basic configuration. Attaching a cable switch on your front grip, fixing your light-sticks on your plate carrier, holding your tourniquet on the shoulder straps of your vest and many more.

Mil Spec, made from highest grade natural rubber. Made in USA

Dimensions: 1-1/4 x 3/8 x .062 inches each

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Scout Fire Starter Set

Catalog number: TOR72

Your Price: 11.00 €


Easy to use fire starter - just rub the surface to create many sparks burning at almost 1600°C.

  • Set includes: Fire steel, two fuel tablets, cotton wool
  • Packed in aluminum box measuring 10x6x2cm
  • Resistant to water and frost
  • Weight: 114 g

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Electric Glow Stick, Emerson, red

Catalog number: TOR88

Your Price: 9.90 €


Electric Glow Stick, Emerson, red. 30 g.

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