Heavy Duty Knife GK

13.00 €
1-2 weeks
(catalogue number: TOR235)

A powerful and durable ground knife suitable for tough tasks such as prizing, breaking and hacking. It features a unique function for attaching the holster on a belt and around a button on your work clothes so that it does not come loose whilst still being easy to remove. If your belt is thick, cut away the small pin on the cover. The cutting edge has been sharpened with a double edge angle and a final honing on a leather strop.

Because the heavy duty knife is a more powerful tool, it has a larger holster than other knives in the craftsmen range. GK-PH is supplied with a cardboard case instead of a holster.

  • Material 3 mm Japanese carbon steel, hardeness 58–60 HRC
  • Handle and holster: super-durable PP plastic
  • Total length:  222 mm
  • Blade length:  94 mm
  • Hultafors: Sweden
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