Morakniv 711

Availability: In stock 3 - 4 pcs
(catalogue number: TOR223)

Our all-round knives include everything from ergonomically designed knives for professionals to simpler utility knives. No matter your preference, the knife you choose will maintain its consistency, high-level quality, be sharp, and have maximum edge lifetime. With a blade of carbon steel and its patterned high-friction grip the 711 is a perfect all-round knife. The ergonomically designed handle facilitate work and prevent work-related and repetitive strain injuries. Together with the substantial finger protection, the handling becomes safe and secure.

  • Net weight 117 g
  • Product length 244 mm
  • Gross weight 130 g
  • Product width 50 mm
  • Blade thickness 2.5 mm
  • Knife length 225 mm
  • Blade length 102 mm
  • Blade material: Carbon steel
  • Handle material: Polymer
  • Sheath: Polymer
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