REXIT Rapid Exit and Entry Tool, ESTWING - black

1-2 weeks
(catalogue number: TOR275)

REXIT, the rapid entry and exit tool. A forged breaching tool designed by professionals for professionals. Police, SWAT and firemen who need an all in one tool for forced entry/exit tool that they can depend on, need the REXIT. It comes in tactical powder coated matte black or fire engine red. Brought to you by Estwing, an American company with over 90 years of experience making the world’s finest striking tools.

The ramming head has a wedge shaped pry end can be used to pry open outward opening doors. And the wedge has a radius cut which can be used as a handle for when leverage is applied to the opposite end.

The forked end complements the head weight of the ramming head for perfect front balance. The fork has a chamfer at the interior opening of the fork. This can be used to apply leverage to pry open both inward and outward opening doors, wedge open steel doors, as well as automobile doors, hoods or trunk lids. The split of the fork can be used to close or open gas meter main valves. Chain or pad lock hasps can be inserted into the forked opening and twisted against the chain or hasp to snap them open. And the REXIT can be used as an anchor in an opening, with a rope attached for improvised bailouts.

  • Forged American Steel and fully heat treated for durability.
  • 36" length, for optimal hand spacing when applying force as a ram.
  • Use as a brace for emergency anchor points.
  • 19 lb. weight is light enough to be easily carried and used by most first responders, but heavy enough to create substantial force allowing the tool to do the work.
  • Excellent balance.
  • Comes with an adjustable quick release shoulder strap.
  • Available in red or black tactical powder coated finish.
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