Blades - Tactical

Blades - Tactical

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  • S37-K SEAL Team Knife, SOG Knives

    Catalogue number: TOR148
    Price: 170.00 €
    Price before discount: 175.00 €
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    The SEAL Team series carries on the proud tradition of quality and service renowned in the original SOG SEAL Knife 2000. The SEAL Knife surpassed one of the most extensive testing and evaluation programs ever undertaken by the U.S. Government.  For those who want all of the benefits of the original…
  • C79 Assist Rescue Folder, Spyderco, black

    Catalogue number: TOR151
    Price: 165.00 €
    Price before discount: 173.00 €
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    The Spyderco Assist Black Blade is a lightweight folder for emergency fire/rescue professionals and the well-equipped citizen who rely on knives to be straightforward in use and perform flawlessly.  The blade is coated in non-reflective black carbon nitride with a patented lift-and-pry (blunt-nose)…
  • Thunder Strike Fixed Blade, Knife, CRKT

    Catalogue number: TOR152
    Price: 48.00 €
    Price before discount: 52.00 €
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    This knife won't leave you hanging in the field.When enemies are breathing down your neck, this Crawford-designed tactical knife has you covered. A versatile, molle-compatible sheath lets you draw the black, corrosion-resistant coated spear point blade fast. A handle wrapped with survival paracord…
  • Tactical Pen TP II, Perfecta

    Catalogue number: TOR89
    Price: 18.00 €
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    The Perfecta Tactical Pen is not only a good writing instrument, it can also be used as a glass breaker in case of emergency.  Take it with you for everyday use and security.  150 mm.

  • Knife Gerber Swagger Mini

    Catalogue number: TOR47
    Price: 35.00 €
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    Knife Gerber Swagger Mini.  A dual G-10/Stainless Steel handle gives the Mini Swagger grip and strength.  Its unique machine styled blade earns its name.Blade Length: 7.1 cmOpen Length: 16 cmClosed Length: 8.9 cmWeight: 82 gFeatures:G-10/Stainless Steel HandleMachine Styling - Matching handle and…
  • KARAMBIT, Knife, Clawgear

    Catalogue number: KNI164
    Price: 39.00 €
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    Karambit - knife. Lightweight karambit knife made of AUS-8 steel.  Featuring an ergonomic and nonskid grip. Steel: AUS-8Weight knife: 75 gWeight sheath: 40 gBlade length: 90 mmHandle length: 105 mmTotal length: 195 mm
  • Combat Tanto Knife - Clawgear

    Catalogue number: TOR24
    Price: 95.00 €
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    An evolution of a proven concept resulted in Claw Gear's Combat Tanto knife.  It's sturdy but minimalistic design leads to extreme durability and reliability.  Being crafted out of 4mm thick AUS-8 steel emphasizes the Combat Tantos robustness, while the ergonomic designed handle ensures excellent…
  • Utility Knife, Clawgear

    Catalogue number: TOR25
    Price: 75.00 €
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    Versatile utility knife, made of AUS-8 steel.  Featuring an ergonomic grip and integrated glass breaker.  Clawgear, Austria. Steel: AUS-8Weight knife: 140 gWeight sheath: 125 gBlade length: 125 mmHandle length: 125 mmTotal length: 250 mm
  • Gerber Contrast - Knife

    Catalogue number: TOR12
    Price: 49.00 €
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    Gerber Contrast. The Contrast's dual G-10/Stainless Steel handle unites show-stopping style and high performance in a unique every day carry folder available in full fine edge or serrated blade. Blade Length: 3.0 in.Open Length: 7.1 in.Closed Length: 4.3 in.Weight: 3.7 oz.FeaturesG-10/Stainless…
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