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Ceramics and Glass / Traditional Czech ceramics

Traditional Czech ceramics

Traditional Czech porcelain: ceramics from the Sumava Mountains called "Chod ceramics." The
old Chod porcelain products feature traditional hand-painted patterns from the Chod region. We offer a wide range of products in two versions: either with black and white decorations, or other patterns upon request.

The Chodové (Chod people, which in translation means Walkers, Patrollers or Rangers) were probably originally of Sorbian origin. They have been living in the southern part Bohemia since the 13th century where they guarded the borders between Bohemia and Bavaria. The Chodové speak their own dialect of the Czech language and take pride in their heritage crafts.

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Ceramic set for Mead

Catalog number: CDM90

Your Price: 49.00 €


Ceramic Gift Set for hot mead. Teapot, two cups and tea light candle holder for heating of mead.

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Tray for wooden spoons - Pottery

Catalog number: CDM92

Your Price: 11.00 €


Handmade ceramic tray for spoons. It can also serve as a candlestick. A great gadget for your kitchen! Dimensions: length 23 cm, width 11 cm.

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Medieval Ceramic Goblet for Wine

Catalog number: CDM85

Your Price: 16.00 €


Medieval Goblet. The volume of 200ml, height 13.5 cm. Material: pottery, glaze.

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Hedgehog, ceramic moneybox

Catalog number: CDM81

Your Price: 16.00 €


Ceramic money box - a hedgehog. Length 13 cm, height 10 cm.

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PIG ceramic money box

Catalog number: CDM82

Your Price: 22.00 €


Ceramic money box - pig. Size: 13 x 14 cm.

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Mokka Coffee Mug, ceramic

Catalog number: CDM84

Your Price: 9.50 €


Coffee mug. Volume 100 ml, height 5 cm, width 7 cm. Material: ceramic, glaze.

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Milk Jug, ceramic

Catalog number: CDM86

Your Price: 16.00 €


Ceramic milk jug. Dimensions: 200 ml. Material: ceramic glaze.

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Catalog number: CDM87

Your Price: 17.00 €


Ceramic vase. Ideal for summer flowers. Height 10 cm, width 14 cm. Material: ceramics and glaze.

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Catalog number: CDM88

Your Price: 14.00 €


Ceramic vase. Ideal for summer flowers. Height 7.5 cm. Material: ceramics and glaze.

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PEN POT - Old Castle, ceramic

Catalog number: CDM89

Your Price: 13.00 €


Pen pot for pencils and pens. Height 9 cm. Material: ceramic and glaze.

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Flowerpot with a chain

Catalog number: CDM91

Your Price: 28.00 €


The ceramic pot is 19 cm high and 20 cm wide.

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HAND PAINTED CUP, traditional bohemian porcelain

Catalog number: TCC1

Your Price: 12.50 €

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Hand painted cup. Height approx. 9 cm.

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Ceramic Bowl, Celtic spirals

Catalog number: CDA104

Your Price: 29.00 €

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Ceramic bowl. Height: 10 cm. Diameter: 19 cm.

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WATER MILL, ceramic house

Catalog number: CDM101

Your Price: 35.00 €

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Ceramic house - mill. The dimensions of 9 × 11 × 12 cm.

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