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boxes, pencil cases

Boxes, doses, tarot card boxes, jewel boxes.

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Le numéro de catalogue: BXS05

Prix: 32.00 €


GREENMAN, box. Size approx. 12.5 cm. This product is made from solid resin. Imported from the UK.

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SKULL OF THE DRAGON, openable box

Le numéro de catalogue: DGS40

Prix: 22.00 €


DRAGON SKULL, openable box. Size approx. 20 cm. This product is made from solid resin. Imported from the UK.

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Winter Guardians, boîte à bijoux

Le numéro de catalogue: AFI14

Prix: 16.00 €


Mirror Box made of compisite wood, covered in a printed material featuring artwork from Anne Stokes, lined with a velvet effect material, with a mirror on the inside of the lid.

  • size 10cm × 10cm
  • mirror size 7cm × 7cm
  • Imported from the UK

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3D Pencil Case Moon Shadows

Le numéro de catalogue: fig157

Prix: 14.00 €


From the enchanted imagination of world-famous fantasy and wildlife artist Lisa Parker, this spacious 3D pencil case is exclusively available as part of Nemesis Now’s Premium wholesale alternative giftware range. On a grassy hillock in a forest clearing, 3 rabbits have gathered. They stare up at the full moon together, a few stars becoming visible in the clear night sky. Their backs are facing you, and the shadows cast by the moonlight stretch out behind them. Around them, the outlines of fir trees are just visible. The 3D effect adds an extra depth to the already fantastic artwork, and the sturdy zip ensures that your pens and pencils will remain safe. A fantastic gift for those who want to take notes on their nocturnal skygazing.

  • Size: 22.5 cm
  • Import from Great Britain

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Fortune's Keeper Tarot Box 17cm

Le numéro de catalogue: fig166

Prix: 39.00 €


Fortune's Keeper Tarot Box 17cm.

  • Resin
  • Import: Great Britain

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Le numéro de catalogue: fig240

Prix: 29.00 €


BOX of the Brave for your precious items.

  • material resin
  • length 12.5 cm
  • width 9.5 cm
  • height 6 cm
  • weight 500 g
  • imported from the UK

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PURE HEART, Boîte à bijoux

Le numéro de catalogue: BXS31

Prix: 16.00 €


Boîte à bijoux de la célèbre artiste Anne Stokes. Taille: 6 x 10 x 10 cm. Importations de Grande-Bretagne.

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Fierce Loyalty Mirror Box, Anne Stokes

Le numéro de catalogue: fig200

Prix: 17.00 €


Mirror box by Anne Stokes.

  • Material MDF, mirror
  • Size 10 cm
  • Weight 200 g

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