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figures, lamps

Fairy (fairies), gothic, horror, angels, fantasy dragons, gargoyles, witchcraft, wizards, warlock, skulls, spirituality, samurai, walking sticks, Egyptian, wolves.

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ZEN GARDEN, decoration

Le numéro de catalogue: CCF59

Prix: 38.00 €


Zen Meditation Garden that includes the base, a Budha, white sand, a rake, the green lotus, assorted peblbes and the stone tea ligth holder.

  • diameter 21.5 cm
  • total weight 1.25 kg

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Herne and Animals

Le numéro de catalogue: fig129

Prix: 78.00 €


Herne and Animals.

  • Size: 30 cm
  • Material: hardened resin
  • Import from England

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Masque fantôme mécanique, Steampunk

Le numéro de catalogue: fig134

Prix: 19.00 €

Limited Qty: 14 x in stock


Masque fantôme mécanique for Steampunk.

  • 17 cm
  • Importé de : Grande Bretagne

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Count Foxy, figurine

Le numéro de catalogue: fig140

Prix: 17.00 €


Count Foxy, figurine.

  • Height: cm
  • Import: Great Britain

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Three Wise Hedgehogs

Le numéro de catalogue: fig144

Prix: 16.00 €


Three Wise Hedgehogs.

  • Size: 8.5 cm
  • Material: resin
  • Import: Great Britain

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Mother, Maiden & Crone Incense Burner

Le numéro de catalogue: fig204

Prix: 45.00 €


Mother, Maiden & Crone Incense Burner.

  • Material resin
  • Height 18 cm
  • Weight 1.1 kg

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Scottie Mini Me Keyring

Le numéro de catalogue: fig206

Prix: 9.00 €


Dressed in full formal wear with kilt and sporran, tartan beret pulled down firmly over his eyes, this red-bearded bagpiper is giving it everything he’s got. This pint-sized scot is cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted. The perfect gift for those who want to show their Gaelic pride on their keyrings, or for those who simply love everything Scottish.

  • Material resin
  • Weight 44 g

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Mini Me Keyring - Knightley

Le numéro de catalogue: fig207

Prix: 9.00 €


Ready to quest for the Grail, this paragon of chivalry stands tall in his armour, his sword in front of him in the ground as his hands rest on top. His visor is raised, allowing us to see most of his face, but his eyes are still obscured. This miniature medieval is cast in highest quality resin before being painstakingly hand painted. The perfect gift for those who want their keys to be protected by a noble swordsman.

  • Material resin
  • Weight 42 g

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Mini Me Keyring - WW1 British soldier

Le numéro de catalogue: fig208

Prix: 9.00 €

Limited Qty: 1 x in stock


Longing for home but steadfastly holding the line, this WW1 British soldier stands firmly to attention, his rifle in his hand and his helmet pulled down over his eyes. This tiny tommy is cast in highest quality resin before being painstakingly hand painted. The perfect gift for those who want a reminder of the sacrifices made in the trenches on their keys.

  • Material resin
  • Weight 44 g

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Sword Skull

Le numéro de catalogue: fig209

Prix: 33.00 €

  • Material resin
  • Weight 780 g
  • Height 18.5 cm

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Crânes sages, porte bougie

Le numéro de catalogue: CCF43

Prix: 18.00 €


Crânes sages, porte bougie

  • Materiau: résine
  • Taille: 11 cm
  • Importé d'Angleterre

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Beware of the Dragon Doormat

Le numéro de catalogue: fig102

Prix: 29.00 €


Beware of the Dragon Doormat. Size: 45x75cm. Import: Great Britain.

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Wildwood Door Knocker

Le numéro de catalogue: fig38

Prix: 33.00 €


Description: Wildwood tree man door knocker. Max. size: 1 cm.

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Dragons Lair Coaster Set

Le numéro de catalogue: CCF25

Prix: 35.00 €


Set of coasters. Height: 16.5cm.

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Dragon celtique, ouvre-lettre

Le numéro de catalogue: CCF26

Prix: 22.00 €


Ouvre-lettre, hauteur: 30cm.

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Survivors Inside Doormat

Le numéro de catalogue: fig101

Prix: 29.00 €


Survivors Inside Doormat. Size: 45x75cm. Import: Great Britain.

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TEMPLAR HELM coloured penpot

Le numéro de catalogue: fig31

Prix: 15.00 €

KNIGHT HELMET, penpot. Size approx. 11 cm. This product is made from solid resin, coloured by hand. Imported from the UK.

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Satyre, chandelier

Le numéro de catalogue: fig84

Prix: 24.00 €


Satyre, chandelier. Matière: résine durcie. Hauteur: 9,5 cm. Les importations en provenance de Grande-Bretagne.

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