FRAME DRUM - Sami Paintings - 40 cm

89.00 €
(catalogue number: DRU07)

Frame Drum designed in a Laplandic (Scandinavian) style featuring Lule Saami drawing. This style is characterised by a horizontal line dividing the drum into two parts with three or more Gods often positioned on the line. A Sun symbol, animals, figures and structures, possibly dwellings, are also  frequently included. The upper field seems to represent the realm of the Gods, with the realm of the men below. The drawing is inspired by an original Saami drum artefact (see picture below).

  • Material: spruce wood and deer skin
  • Diameter: 40 cm
  • Height: 8 cm


16.00 € Catalogue number: DRU05
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12.00 € Catalogue number: DRU03
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