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Wulflund - we have been in this business since 2005 and have come to realize that not every manufacturer we tried to work with was able to understand what we were really looking for, there were limitations with delivery times, or we were kept out of the process of developing and testing new models. This had only one solution: we had to become independent! Thanks to the centralization of our manufacturers we are able to manage even very large-scale projects for museums, theatres and the film industry (see our references).


Foundry and Jewellery Workshop Gormelia  

Šperkařství Gormelia

Jewellery atelier Gormelia - silver, bronze, brass, gold - lost wax casting.

The independent workshop where we concentrate our jewellery-making operations is located in Prague, in Braník.  In this ultra-modern plant we are able to ensure precise casting work in silver, brass and bronze.  Every week new jewelry designs are developed – both historical and quite modern.  We create the models for our pieces through the ancient wax carving method, 3D technology, and also by working directly with the metal.

We can modify or touch up your jewellery according to your needs  by polishing, applying patina, or setting stones into it.  The jewellery designers we work with are happy to take up new challenges.

Silver Foundry


Lití stříbra

Casting  of precious metals from a graphite crucible.

Silver Casting

Injecting wax into the mold.

Wax Tree Casting


Arma Epona Smithy - sword making

Sword Making

We can’t say anything other than that this was the fulfillment of a dream – the dream of a boy who lived the adventures of the heroes, Gods and mythical creatures of long-ago times, and longed to have his own sword in his hand.

We founded this smithy in order to set ourselves apart from the typical “commodity” production of swords made for fencing or for decorations.  We manufacture high quality replicas for more demanding customers, placing great emphasis on the choice of materials, the details of the weaponsmith’s craft that go into each weapon and following the techniques appropriate for each period. Besides swords, our workshop also specializes in the manufacture of knives, including exquisite knives made from Damascus steel.

The smithy is located beneath the Brdy hills in Liten, fairly close to the famous Karlštejn castle. There we have the good fortune to be surrounded by masters of this trade who have a good understanding of what we want and need.

Kovářství Arma Epona

One of the two halls of our forgery.

Smithy tools


Saddlery and Leather Workshop

The saddlery workshop was the third one we founded, in order to meet the increasing demand for leather products and accessories, and thus we managed to bring together the three essential trades that define our business.  We are equipped to supply even the most demanding customers who require complex solutions for their projects.  For example, forging a sword from Damascene steel, for which we made a custom leather scabbard that is embellished with silver or bronze.  Everything is made in one place by the same manufacturer.

Damascus steel Sword

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