HIBERNIA, luxury engraved drinking horn

110.00 €
(catalogue number: DHO77)

Extraordinary viking drinking horn with a tin terminal in a shape of a sea beast. Treated with a food safe lacquer. Very pure tin is used, to comply with EU regulations we sell this item as a decorative replica.

The design of the horn terminal was inspired by a chape from Ninian's Isle Treasure in Shetlands, Scotland.  It is believed that the treasure comes from the 9th century. Tin ornaments on the top of the horn are based on artefacts from Gotland, Sweden, 9th century.

  • Material cow horn, tin
  • Overall length approx. 40 cm
  • Volume 0.5 l
  • Length of tin terminal 12.5 cm
Hand Forged Twisted Iron Horn Stand
9.00 € Catalogue number: DHO123
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