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signal horns

Signal or blowing cow horns (Winding Horns or Blast Horns).

Blowing Horn belongs to one of the oldest musical instruments. One of the oldest animal horns was dicovered in a bog in Visnum (Sweden), almsot 1500 years before present. Using  these horns will make your re-enactment and LARP battles really special.

Signal Horns - Blowing Horns

A blowing horn is a horn with a length of at least 30 cm and with its end cut off. Our blowing horns have all been stripped inside and polished on the outside. Don’t expect to be a master at blowing your own horn on the first try - and if you do manage, then congratulations! It’s important how you press your lips to the horn, which is done in a similar way to playing a reed instrument like a saxophone. Lick your lips lightly and pucker them up (Ooh, yes, just like that!) then put your upper lip into the opening of the horn. Take a good, deep breath and begin to smoothly exhale into the horn. Your lips will vibrate in the same way as when you “blow a raspberry” (make a rude noise). However, don’t press too hard - easy does it. The horns produce various tones - each one is different. In order to find the right position for playing yours, you can try moving the horn around a little, and try slightly different positions with your lips within the mouthpiece.

Warning: do not blow on your horn out in the countryside, especially when it is dark or in a foggy conditions. Some of your neighbours might take fright; especially those who have seen the film The 13th Warrior...Look out everyone, the Wendols are coming!

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Blowing Horn with leather holder deluxe 38cm, red

Catalog number: DHO72

Your Price: 79.00 €


Polished Large Blowing SIGNAL Cattle HORN with Luxury Leather HOLDER on Shoulder Strap.

  • material natural horn, leather
  • vertical height from base approx. 38 cm

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Signal Horn with a Leather Holder Deluxe 38 cm

Catalog number: DHO71

Your Price: 79.00 €


Polished large cow signal horn. Product includes luxury leather holder with a shoulder strap.

  • Vertical height 38 cm

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Catalog number: SHO04

Your Price: 39.00 €


Polished signal blowing horn. Each horn may vary in color.

  • Average length: approx. 38 cm
  • Origin: South America, India and Africa
  • Imported by Wulflund

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Catalog number: SHO05

Your Price: 59.00 €


A polished signal blowing horn. Each horn may vary in colour.

  • Average length: approx. 50 cm
  • Origin: South America, India and Africa
  • Imported by Wulflund

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BLOWING HORN 38 cm with leather belt

Catalog number: SHO07

Your Price: 65.00 €


Polished Signal HORN with Leather Shoulder Holder.

  • material natural polished horn, real leather
  • length 38 cm
  • holder is adjustable

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Catalog number: SHO03

Your Price: 73.00 €


A polished signal blowing horn. Each horn may vary in colour.

  • Average length: 55-60 cm
  • Origin: South America, India and Africa

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Catalog number: SHO01

Your Price: 68.00 €


Horn is unpolished, not suitable for drinking. Not a signal horn.

  • Length 70-90 cm
  • Weight cca 1 kg

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LITUUS, Roman Signal Horn

Catalog number: SHO09

Your Price: 115.00 €

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Brass signal horn LITUS in original size. This instrument was used in Roman legions between 100-400 CE. This is a copy of an instrument that was found near a Roman castellum in Germany.

  • Material brass
  • Total length is 95 cm (!)

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