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Pagan Figurines, Dragons / antler furniture, lamps

antler furniture, lamps

Antler decor: Antler furniture, chairs and tables from deer antler, hunting chandelier, alnter wall lamps.

Marine decor and other home and interior items.

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Chandelier - deer antler

Catalog number: AFL29

Your Price: 550.00 €


Chandelier - deer antler.

  • Material: deer antler, glass, metal, wood
  • Size: 35 x 45 cm

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Old Harbour Telescope, replica

Catalog number: AFL12

Your Price: 59.00 €


Old Harbour Telescope, replica Overall size: 36,5 cm long.

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Catalog number: AFL20

Your Price: 265.00 €

Brass 40-inch (102 cm) Double Barrel Harbor Refractive Telescope. Reproduction. Wooden tripod is included. Weight circa 13 kg.

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WALL ANTLER LAMP with carving

Catalog number: AFL01

Your Price: 310.00 €

Carved antler lamp with glass lampshade (cut glass). Size: 36 x 45 cm.

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LION, medieval door knocker

Catalog number: FPR231

Your Price: 59.00 €


LION, medieval door knocker.

  • Material grey iron
  • Size: 175 x 145 x 65 mm
  • Czech made

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Chandelier - antler

Catalog number: AFL30

Your Price: 450.00 €


Chandelier - antler.

  • Material: deer antler, glass, metal
  • Size: 60 x 50 cm

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Nautical Sun Dial with Compass, replica

Catalog number: AFL11

Your Price: 55.00 €

Nautical Sun Dial with Compass, material: brass. It is a reproduction of the original sun dial used on 18th century ships. The original sun dials were made by WEST in London. Diameter circa 9 cm.

Handcrafted hardwood box included in price (15 x 15 cm), weight: 680 g.

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CONFERENCE TABLE, red stag antlers

Catalog number: AFL05

Your Price: 995.00 €

Conference Antler Table. Size: 95 cm x 57 cm x 65 cm.

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Catalog number: AFL02

Your Price: 785.00 €


FALLOW-DEER CHANDELIER. Size circa 50-60 cm x 48 cm (height).

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Deer Antler Table Lamp

Catalog number: AFL03

Your Price: 365.00 €

Table antler lamp, 25 cn in a diameter x 60-65 cm.

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Catalog number: AFL04

Your Price: 870.00 €

Antler Furniture - chair. Oak wood. Made in the Czech Republic. Size circa: 50 x 50 x 100 cm.

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Catalog number: AFL06

Your Price: 685.00 €


Hunting Furniture - ANTLER MIRROR, fallow deer. Size: 90 x 60cm.

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Brass Navy Sextant

Catalog number: AFL10

Your Price: 136.00 €

This ship sextant, made of solid brass.

The telescope has glass optics and produces a sharp image. Adjustable color filters are present together with a micrometer drum and an adjustable mirror. This sextant can still be used, of course it is nice decoration.

The sextant is delivered with wooden box. Overall size of the sextant: cca 10 x 23 cm. Weight of sextant and box: 3 kg.

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Catalog number: AFL16

Your Price: 115.00 €

Massive 48 cm long brass double barrel telescope with wooden tripod in old style. Telescope has 35 mm in diameter

The telescope can be easily removed. The telescope has a 360 degree horizontal range of motion around the tripod and 180 degrees vertical.
Weight: 2.4 kg.

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Catalog number: AFL23

Your Price: 525.00 €


To display a diving helmet in proper style, we are offering a massive wooden base made from polished hardwood. On its own it weighs 4kg (9 lbs.) and 14kg (31 lbs) including the helmet. Overall dimensions of stand: 44 cms x 44 cms x 18 cms. (17 inch x 17 inch x 7 inch).

Description of helmet, which you can also buy on its own without stand:

This is a good quality reproduction in original size made from copper and brass. The weight of this piece is abt. 10 kgs (abt. 22 lbs.) a little less than that of an original piece. There is glass fitted to all the viewing ports.

Dimensions : Height = 45 cms width = 33 cms and 41 cms

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