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animal pendants

Pendants with animals and animal motifs. Talismans representing animals were made early humans in the Ice Age and very little has changed since that era. People are still fascinated by the animal kingdom and by wearing a piece of jewelry with an animal we can take on the qualities of that being: owls – wisdom, wild boar – strength, ram – obstinacy, wolf – endurance, lion – courage.

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VUK, Wolf Head Pendant, tin

Catalog number: CPE206

Your Price: 5.00 €


Wolf pendant. Wolves symbolize loyalty, compassion, communication and smartness.

  • Material: tin.
  • Size: 2.8 x 3 cm.
  • Hidden bale system.
  • Czech product.

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Flying CROW - Raven, tin pendant

Catalog number: CPE205

Your Price: 6.00 €


Accurate and detailed pendant of a flying crow. Crows are black phantoms of the sky, they always occupy the first place in the meaning of many European cultures. Vikings associate them with Odin. (Huginn and Muninn). Old Norse name for a crow is "hrafn". Ragnar Lodbrok had a crow called Reafan on his crest.

The Celts also have crows on in the leading position. They are associated with the Goddesses Badb and Morrígan.

  • Material: tin.
  • Wingspan: 5.2 cm, height: 2.8 cm.
  • The pendant has two loops hidden beneath the wings on the other side (2 x 4 mm).
  • Czech product.

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SMILODON, Sabertooth Tiger Skull Pendant, massive jewel, tin, brass colour

Catalog number: OPE95

Your Price: 10.50 €


This large jewel of sabertooh tiger's skull measures:  4.8 cm x 2.5 cm, height: 1.9 cm. Material: tin, silver plated, patina. Made by Wulflund.

Going back on the journey to prehistory. A keychain, which is obviously designed for a wide range of wearers, but it might be appreciated by lovers of rock and metal :) Simply brutal!

Wulflund is one of a few jewellery makers in the world that specializes in production of prehistoric themed pendants.

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Flying Owl, pewter pendant

Catalog number: CPE193

Your Price: 8.00 €


Nice 3D pewter pendant of a flying owl. Size: 3 x 5.2 cm. Material: pewter, silver plated. Manufactured by Wulflund.

Owls are considered a symbol of wisdom.

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TROUT, fish, fishing pendant, tin

Catalog number: CPE195

Your Price: 5.00 €


Fishing pendant - Trout. Size: 2.3 x 3 cm. Material: silver plated pewter.

Speed, nimbleness, agility, hunter.

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Celtic Fox, head, pendant, Tin

Catalog number: OPE133

Your Price: 6.50 €


Fox - tin pendant. Size: 1.8 x 3.3 cm.

The fox is symbolized as a trickster, teacher providing guidance and adaptability.

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WILD BOAR, pendant, tin

Catalog number: OPE132

Your Price: 5.00 €


Tin Pendant of a Wild Boar. Size 2 x 3 cm (hidden bale: 4 x 4 mm).

Boars symbolize manliness, protection, and potency.

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OWL HEAD, pendant, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ323

Your Price: 19.00 €


Pendant of head of owl. Size: 3 x 3 cm. Material: bronze.

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CELTIC HORSE, bronze pendant

Catalog number: BHJ332

Your Price: 13.00 €


Horse - bronze pendant. Size: 2.5 x 3 cm. Designed by Kati.

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SHELL, pewter pendant

Catalog number: CPE201

Your Price: 4.50 €


Shell - tin pendant, covered with antimony, black finish. Size: 3 x 3 cm.

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RAM, head, bronze pendant

Catalog number: BHJ76

Your Price: 12.00 €


Ram's head - pendant. Size: 3.2 x 4.2 cm. Material: bronze.

The ram symbolizes power, force, energy, virility, protection and fearlessness.

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CROW, keychain

Catalog number: fig90

Your Price: 7.00 €


CROW, keychain. Velikost: 5.6 cm.

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CAPRA, The Goat, pewter pendant

Catalog number: APE24

Your Price: 4.00 €


Capra (goat) pewter talisman. This pendant made of alloy of tin, zinc and other metals. Coppered. Size circa 2.0 x 2.3 cm.

The goat symbolizes peace, balancem vitality, sacrifice, masculinity, initiation and intelligence.

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DEER, head, bronze pendant, necklace

Catalog number: BHJ237

Your Price: 24.00 €


Deer - head, bronze pendant. Height: 4 cm. There is no hook for a pendant, you must attach your cord or a chain on antlers.

The stag presents heroism, confidence, pride and strength.

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Bird Claw, Talon Pendant, tin

Catalog number: CPE211

Your Price: 7.00 €


Bird claw - shaman tin talisman. A massive, long original jewel of a predator claw, from which you have respect and fear. Similar pendants were worn in the past, but as a real bird's claw. It was believed, that such talismans give strength, provide protection and sharpen the senses and abilities, that are used while hunting and tracking. We believe, that you believe in your abilities and amulets, too. Material: tin. Size: 6.1 cm. Chain size: 2 x 4 mm.

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LYNX, pendant, tin

Catalog number: OPE146

Your Price: 5.00 €


Tin pendant of Lynx. Size: 2 x 3 cm. Hidden bale pendant (5 x 8 mm).

In the old Norse traditions, the lynx is sacred to the Goddess Freyja, and her chariot was sometimes depicted as being pulled by a lynx. The ancient Greeks believed the lynx could see through solid objects.

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Catalog number: APE38

Your Price: 4.80 €


Stag- pendant. Size approx 3 x 3.5 cm. Material: metal alloy (pewter).

The stag presents heroism, confidence, pride and strength.

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SMALL OWL, pendant, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ320

Your Price: 11.00 €


SMALL OWL, pendant, bronze. Size: 2 x 3.5 cm.

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