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celtic pendants

Celtic amulets and talismans – who doesn’t know Cernunnos, the triquetra, triskele, Green Man, and Celtic knots

In the past, the Celts occupied a wide swath of Europe, and we believe that a drop of Celtic blood is still in each of us. We express our admiration for their cultural wealth with a wide selection of Celtic jewellry. Their designs are inspired by archaeological findings and our own fantasy.

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Catalog number: CPE49

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Spirals represent the never ending cycle. Size: cca 2,1 cm. Material: pewter (white metal).

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CELTIC KNOT OF LIFE, bronze talisman

Catalog number: CPE158

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CELTIC KNOT OF LIFE. The title says it all. This specific pendant has a hidden triquetra within it, which is the symbol of the three forces of nature - earth, air and water. Size: 3 cm. Material: bronze.

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Catalog number: CPE149

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CELTIC TRISKEL. Size: 2.9 cm in diameter. Material: bronze.

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Catalog number: SBR196

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CELTIC CROSS KNOTTED BRONZE BROOCH. Size: 3.3 x 3.6 cm in diameter. Material: bronze.

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KNOTTED BIRDS, bronze brooch or pendant

Catalog number: BHJ14

Your Price: 12.00 €

KNOTTED BIRDS, bronze brooch or pendant, brooch includes also hidden bale (you can use it as a pendant). Size: 1.4 x 4.0 cm. Material: bronze.

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Catalog number: CPE174

Your Price: 6.50 €


Pewter Celtic pendant, 4 cm. Leather cord included.

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Catalog number: FPR170

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Forge processed Celtic Triquetra. Triquetra (from the latin tri - three, and quetrus - horn) is a mythological symbol of many meanings. In the religion of Wicca, this symbol represented life, death and rebirth - the never ending cycle. This symbol has been also considered as the three forces of nature - earth, air and water. Height: 4.5 x 4.5 cm. Anti-rust coating. Material: steel.

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Amulet - Oppidum Zavist - Replica

Catalog number: LHE27

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2 cm in diameter. Materiál: lead.

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BROOCH OF TARA, Ireland, inspiration

Catalog number: CPE163

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Material: coloured pewter. Size: 3 x 4 cm.

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CELTIC, braided pewter bracelet

Catalog number: BHJ146

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Casted Celtic knotted bracelet. Material: pewter.

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Horses of Epona, brooch, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ276

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Epona is the protector of horses. She is mainly a Celtic Goddess of fertility. In central Europe Epona is known under the name of Kotys. There is a rocky hill in the Czech Karst with the name of  Kotyz (previously La Tene oppidum). Close to Kotyz, there is another hill called Zlaty Kun (Golden Horse) with caves inside. It is believed, that deep inside the caves, is a big statue of a horse made of gold.

This brooch is made of bronze. Size: 4 cm.

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