TARANIS WHEEL PENDANT, oppidum Stradonice, tin

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Taranis - one of the most powerful Celtic Gods, associated with the forces of wind, lightning and the sun. In many Iron Age localities pendants that resemble a wheel were found. Our replica is of Taranis wheel, that was found in a locality of Stradonice Oppidum. The oppidum (SW of Prague) was one of the largest Celtic settlements in Central Europe with approx. 90 ha, a rich centre of craftsmenship. In 1877 a treasure of 200 golden coins was found here and the locality has been explored extensively since with thousands of unique finds uncovered.

This product (wax model, casting form) is a product and property of Wulflund and direct copying is prohibited.

  • Material: silver plated tin alloy
  • Size: 3.5 cm

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