OUROBOROS, Dragon, tin pendant

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The DRAGON, a fiery creature, is in Slavic mythology the personification of Sun God, it has a strong conection with heavenly fire and the hearth of each home, (in Serbian folklore "a home" is called "dragon's nest"). Mythologicaly and morphologicaly the dragon is a descendant of snake, lunar form of the patron of the house and family and keeper of ancestral spirits. By accepting the patriarchal structure it becomes male or solar principle of the Creator and protector. Dragons usually live in the mountains and protect people. In Serbian tradition, the highest form of a supernatural being is a combination of a dragon and a human character -  "Dragon hero" who has small wings under the armpits, snake whip and a hairy mole on the arm, which is considered to be a birthmark of the supreme deities of the Serbs - snake and wolf.

  • Material: tin alloy
  • Size: 5cm
  • Rod - Serbia
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