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WUNJO - Rune Pendant

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Wunjo – literally "joy", esoteric meaning "hope, harmony, perfection". Key concepts include: joy, perfection, the art of correct wishing, correct application of the will, well-being, contentment, hope, expectation, relationship, family, bonding, trusted kinsfolk, shared ideals or aims, group harmony, symbols of shared identity, optimism, cooperative effort, like-mindedness, friendship. This rune governs:

  • Strengthens links and bonds
  • Invocation of fellowship and harmony
  • Banishes alienation and other inharmonious impediments to trust
  • Creating joy through the use of true will
  • Realization of the link and multiplicity of relationship of all things
  • The art of correct wishing, "law of attraction"
  • Material patinated tin alloy
  • Size 2.5 x 3 cm
  • Strong cord included


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WUNJO - Rune Pendant
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