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Jewellery / amulets and talismans / Slavic amulets / DOMOVOI, Slavic House Spirit - Protector with Kolovrat, bronze pendant

DOMOVOI, Slavic House Spirit - Protector with Kolovrat, bronze pendant

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A DOMOVOI (or Domowik) is a house spirit in Slavic folklore. In Slavic mythology every house is said to have its own house dwarf. The DOMOVOI is a guardian of the house and he sometimes helps with household or field work. The spoon symbolizes prosperity.

It was believed and still is believed, that the Domovoi is present in every household. They like to live under a door thresholds or under the stove. It is important to maintain a good relationship with the Domovoi, which is why, you should sometimes present them with milk, biscuits or a slice of bread with salt. Place all of that on a white canvas, and keep it there over night. If you're planning to move into a new residence, the Domovoi should come with you, as far as the tradition goes. Therefore, offer him a high boot which he can climb into, and transport him into your new abode.

I should warn you, that Domovoi may get angry and spiteful. He leaves small muddy footprints, the occasional plate cracks or a bit of wall breaks off. This is the sign of the fact, that the Domovoi is annoyed. This happens when you argue at home or when you don't live in harmony with your surroundings. Appease him by the change of your behaviour and give him a sacrifice. May the respect itself, which our ancestors believed in, bring piece and luck to Your home.

Made by Wulflund.

Size: 1.5 x 4.4 cm (measured with the bale. Thickness: 0,7 cm. Material: bronze.

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