ROD – THE CREATOR, Slavic Pendant, pewter

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Once, there was nothing. The only thing that existed in eternal darkness was the Golden Egg. Inside it was Rod, the Creator, giver of life to everything in the exsistence, sleeping. The first thing Rod created was Love, the Goddess Lada, and then, having broken the walls of his prison with the power of love, he created  the Universe itself – countless multitude of starry worlds as well as this earthly world of ours. He divided the world into Jav – the visible, physical world, and Nav – the invisible, spiritual world.

The legends about Rod are primaeval. In most Slavic languages Rod means "tribe or family", and it can be found in the base of many important words – "nation" (narod), "nature" (priroda), "spring" (izvor/rodnik), "birth or offspring" (porod) etc. In the form of the spirit of God, Rod created Svarog – the Father of Heavens.

  • Material: pewter
  • Height: 4cm
  • Author: Jovan Petronijevic