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  • LUNITSA, Great Moravian Empire, IX. Century, Replica, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ43
    Price: 21.00 €
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    Slavic Lunitsa Pendant Replica from the time of the Great Moravian Empire (9th century CE). The original was found near Stare Mesto, Czech Republic. Lunitsa (Little moon), also known as Lunula or Luneta, is a female symbol of fertility, good fortune and a happy life, Slavic and Viking ladies…
  • LIME LEAVES, Slavic Tree, pendant

    Catalogue number: BHJ101
    Price: 17.50 €
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    Lime (Linden) Leaves as a bronze pendant. The tree has become an official panslavic symbol at the Panslavic gathering in Prague in 1848.   Material: bronze Size: 3.6 x 5 cm Bail on the reverse
  • BERSEKER, bear pendant with early medieval ornaments, bronze

    Catalogue number: SBR263
    Price: 36.00 €
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    Massive Bear Pendant for real bogatyrs who are happy to wear massive bronze jewels. The bear is decorated with typical early medieval ornaments which are known e.g. from Slavic and Viking bone carving on tools and knives. Material: bronze Height: 3 cm
  • SVARGA, bronze old Slavic talisman

    Catalogue number: BHJ113
    Price: 14.00 €
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    SLAVIC SVARGA (the Sun), symbol of the God Svarog - the God of Sun and Fire.

    • Material: bronze
    • Size: 2.8 cm
  • Hand Amulet, Ancient Rome, bronze pendant

    Catalogue number: BHJ112
    Price: 16.00 €
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    Roman Hand PENDANT inspired by an artefact found in Germania Superior (imperial province of the Roman Empire). Similar hand-holding-a-small-ball pendants were also discovered in Celtic settlements and they are still worn today, for example in Italy, to protect the wearer against evil forces. …
  • LADA, dark age jewel, the 9th century, bronze and gemstone

    Catalogue number: BHJ110
    Price: 22.00 €
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    The Great Moravian period inspired pendant. Lada is considered the Slavic Goddess of harmony, merriment, youth, love and beauty. Material: bronze and a gemstone (blue ijolite) Size: 3.3 cm in diameter
  • Roman Phallic Pendant, Hillington, Norfolk, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ102
    Price: 13.50 €
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    Bronze Roman Phallic Pendant inspired by an artefact from the 2nd or 3rd century CE. Phallic pendants were very comon, the largest collection comes from the Roman settlement of Camulodunum (now in England). It is a fairly universal amulet against evil forces and it is also belived to support…
  • DOMOVOI, Slavic House Spirit - Protector with Kolovrat, bronze pendant

    Catalogue number: BHJ85
    Price: 16.00 €
    Price before discount: 17.00 €
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    DOMOVOI (or Domowik) is, in Slavic folklore, a house spirit, a guardian of the house who sometimes helps with household or field work. Every house is said to have one. He lives under a threshold or under the stove. It is important to maintain a good relationship with Domovoi, you can present them…
  • SVARGA, Slavic jewel, bronze

    Catalogue number: SBR217
    Price: 11.50 €
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    SLAVIC SVARGA (the Sun) symbol of the God Svarog - the God of Sun and Fire.

    • Material: bronze
    • Size approx. 3 cm
  • Scythian Stag Brooch - bronze

    Catalogue number: SBR59
    Price: 35.00 €
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    Scythian Deer Brooch Replica. The original from the 7th century BCE, crafted in gold, was discovered in the Kuban basin area, Russia, where best Scythian art artefacts were found. Nomadic Scythians used to live in the steepes of southern part of Russia. Material: bronze Size: 3.1 x 4.5 cm
  • VESNA, Slavic pendant, Moravia Magna Empire, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ70
    Price: 17.00 €
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    Beautiful feminine Bronze Slavic Pendant with Lapis Lazuli, inspired by early Medieval artefacts from the 9th century CE, the time of the Moravia Magna (Great Moravian Empire), locality Stare Mesto, Na Valach, Czech Republic.  According to Slavic Mythology Vesna is the Goddess of Youth, Life,…
  • SLAVIC BELT STRAP END, Great Moravia

    Catalogue number: BHJ632
    Price: 17.00 €
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    Bronze Strap End Replica from the Great Moravia period found in Stare Mesto, Czech Rep., dating back to 9th century.

    • Material: bronze
    • Length: 4.2 cm
    • Width: 2.3 cm
    • Cast on lost wax
  • Spartan Helmet, bronze pendant

    Catalogue number: BHJ488
    Price: 8.00 €
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    This is SPARTA! Bronze pendant of a Spartan helmet. For warriors who are interested in European heritage. Material: bronze Size: 1.9 x 2.7 cm Size of hidden bale: 4 x 6 mm
  • GEIR, Viking ring, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ466
    Price: 15.00 €
    Bronze ring, which is based on the findings of early medieval rings (Vikings, Slavs). Material bronze Width 9 mm Weight 12 g
  • VELES, Slavic Pendant, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ463
    Price: 13.00 €
    Price before discount: 14.00 €
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    VELES, Slavic Pendant. Veles is a major Slavic God of earth, waters, forests and the underworld. He is associated with cattle, he is oftern depicted with horns or as a being with a bull's head. Veles is aslo a symbol of the harvest, wealth, music, magic and trickery. This slavic God is believed to…
  • SMALL SVARGA, bronze old Slavic talisman

    Catalogue number: BHJ454
    Price: 7.00 €
    Price before discount: 8.00 €
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    SMALL SLAVIC SVARGA (the Sun), symbol of the God Svarog - the God of Sun and Fire.

    • Material: bronze
    • Size: 2.5 cm
  • SPARTAN SHIELD, bronze pendant

    Catalogue number: BHJ434
    Price: 9.50 €
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    SPARTAN SHIELD Bronze Pendant.

    • Material: bronze
    • Size: 3 cm
  • LUDMILA, earrings, bronze, red

    Catalogue number: BHJ396
    Price: 25.00 €
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    LUDMILA Bronze Lunulae Shaped Earrings with Red Beads. Lunula (luna, the moon) could signify many things to our ancestors – fertility and growth, protection against evil, a young girl (a virgin) or an enchantress. A discovery of a Roman casting mold with a phallus and a lunula mold side by…
  • ROMAN BUCKLE for belts, brass

    Catalogue number: BHJ387
    Price: 38.00 €
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    ROMAN BUCKLE for belts.

    • Material brass
    • Size 6.6 x 8.7 cm
  • ROHAN, bronze ring

    Catalogue number: BHJ315
    Price: 14.00 €

    ROHAN Bronze Ring for Early Medieval Period.