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  • DOUBLE-TAILED LION, symbol of Bohemia

    Catalogue number: BHJ65
    Price: 21.00 €
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    CZECH LION Large Bronze Pendant, the symbol of the double-tailed lion is the old heradlic symbol of Bohemia. The facial expression of this lion is not of a mute national symbol, it overflows with pride, fighting spirit and a proper portion of anger. Today the state may not be in an optimum…
  • Czech Border Patrol Dog, 1930, bronze pednant

    Catalogue number: BHJ489
    Price: 8.00 €
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    Czech Border Patrol Dog, 1930, bronze pednant.

    • bronze
    • dimensions: 2.1 x 2.6cm
  • SOLAR ANKH - symbol of life

    Catalogue number: BHJ482
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    Price before discount: 14.00 €
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    SOLAR ANKH - symbol of life, ancient amulet of Egypt.

    • Material bronze
    • Dimensions 2.5 x 5.5 cm
  • ANKH, Cross of the Life, Bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ367
    Price: 6.90 €
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    A pendant of Ankh,  also known as the Cross of Life. An egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for life, both earthly and eternal.

    • Material: bronze
    • Size: 1.7 x 3 cm
  • ROSE, House of Rosenbergs, pendant, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ327
    Price: 19.00 €
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    House of ROSENBERG ROSE BRONZE Pendant. Five petal rose was a symbol of the House of Rosenberg (Rožmberkové in Czech), a significant and influential Bohemian noble family, who played an important role in Czech medieval history. It was the Rosenbergs who influenced the appearance of southern Bohemia…
  • CZECH LION, Bohemia, bronze pendant

    Catalogue number: BHJ235
    Price: 15.00 €
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    Czech Lion Bronze Pendant, crafted using the method of lost wax casting. Czech lion as a state symbol of the Czech Republic. According to a legend a son of a Czech prince called Bruncvík (Brunswick) decided to gain a more noble symbol for his coat of arms. He travelled the world with his retinue…
  • Knight's Helmet, pendant, bronze

    Catalogue number: BHJ210
    Price: 12.00 €
    Price before discount: 13.00 €
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    Medieval King's helmet Bronze PENDANT inspired by an artwork of the Gulhausen kodex. This is the helm of Premysl Ottokar II (1233 – 1278) a Czech king, called The Iron and Golden King.  He was the Duke of Austria, Styria, Carniola and Carinthia.  Material bronze Size 2.9 (height) x 4 cm Bale on…
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