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Costume brooches, fibulae

Costume brooches, fibulae. Costume accessories: Bronze Age, Celtic, Roman, Germanic, Viking, Medieval brooches.

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Catalog number: BHJ79

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Bronze costume fibula. Size: 4.2 cm.

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Catalog number: SBR37

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Size: 2,5 x 5 cm. Material: brass.


The photo of original viking archaeological find.

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CELTIC FIBULA, La Tène culture, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ342

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Available in March 2017 - we accept pre-order now.

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CELTIC FIBULA, bronze, Oberwittighausen, Germany

Catalog number: BHJ22

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Perfect replica of a Celtic Fibula. Original is from Oberwittighausen - Tauberbischofsheim (Germany).

Age: end of 5th century or beginning of 4th century of Old Age.

This fibula represents according some studies two superposed bearded faces (one with animal horns or ears), probably the Druids in trance or Gods?

Size approx. 4.3 cm. Weight approx. 17 g.

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Catalog number: SBR91

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Large brass brooch. Original comes from the VII-VIII century, isle of Gotland, Sweden. Size cca 4.8 x 6 cm.

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VIKING CAP END, Birka, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ152

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Bronze replica of a viking cap end from Birka (graves 581 and 644), Sweden. It comes from the X. Century. Size: 2.1 x 4.5 cm.

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Horses of Epona, brooch, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ276

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Epona is the protector of horses. She is mainly a Celtic Goddess of fertility. In central Europe Epona is known under the name of Kotys. There is a rocky hill in the Czech Karst with the name of  Kotyz (previously La Tene oppidum). Close to Kotyz, there is another hill called Zlaty Kun (Golden Horse) with caves inside. It is believed, that deep inside the caves, is a big statue of a horse made of gold.

This brooch is made of bronze. Size: 4 cm.

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