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Jewellery / bronze replicas - jewellery / pendants, necklaces

pendants, necklaces

Pendants and necklaces cast in bronze. Replicas of historical jewellery and our own designs.

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VEGVISIR, rune, pendant for protection, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ298

Your Price: 12.00 €


A Vegvísir is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find his or her way through rough weather.

Material: bronze. Size: 2.6 cm. Hidden bale system (4x6 mm).

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TROLL CROSS, bronze viking pendant

Catalog number: BHJ107

Your Price: 7.00 €


The Troll Cross is an amulet made of bronze, in a shape of an Odal Rune. It was worn by Scandinavian people as a protection against Trolls. Size: 2.2 x 3.2 cm. Material: bronze.

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WARG, norse wolf, viking pendant, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ293

Your Price: 13.00 €


Naturalistic bronze pendant of a Norse wolf - Fenrir. The fate of this mythological wolf is to fight with Odin during Ragnarök.  Pendant is large (2.2. x 4 cm) and heavy (14 g). 

Wolf symbolizes the strength, endurance and the freedom. Made by Wulflund.

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ASKA - VIKING PENDANT, X century, bronze

Catalog number: SBR69

Your Price: 25.00 €


Aska - 10th century Viking silver pendant Aska, Hagebyhöga. Östergötland, Sweden. Material: bronze. Height: 3,7 cm.

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ODIN, Ribe, Denmark, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ296

Your Price: 13.50 €


This pendant is a replica of an ODIN pendant that was found near the oldest city of Denmark: Ribe. Age: 800. Material: bronze. Size: 1.7 x 3.5 cm.

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MORAVIA, Lunitsa, Slavs, Vikings, pendant, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ225

Your Price: 23.00 €


Replica of an old Slavic jewel - Lunitsa (also Lunula or Luneta). IX. century, Great Moravian Empire (first state of western Slavs). Size: 3 x 3.4 cm. Material: bronze.

Symbol of Lunitsa (or Lunula - little moon) is a female symbol. Such jewels were worn by Slavic and Viking women. It is a symbol of fertility, good luck and happy life.

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SWAN, medieval pendant, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ280

Your Price: 16.00 €


Goose or a Swan - Medieval pendant. Size: 2.6 x 2.7 cm. Material: bronze.

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WOLF TRACK, pendant, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ240

Your Price: 11.00 €


Wolf track - pendant. Material: bronze. Size: 2 x 3,6 cm.

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DEVANA, Slavic solar pendant, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ223

Your Price: 21.00 €


Pendant symbolizing the Sun, inspiration: Great Moravian findings - Dark Ages. Material: bronze. Size: 4 x 4.2 cm.

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AGATE - green, bronze pendant

Catalog number: CJW132

Your Price: 13.80 €


Pendant with the main emphasis was on the stone itself. The size of the stone (green agate): 13 x 18 mm. Material: bronze. Pendant jewelry resembles ancient (Roman), medieval and Renaissance jewels.

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Lion's Head, bronze pendant

Catalog number: SBR372

Your Price: 7.00 €


Lion with a royal crown. Sterling bronze pendant. Size: 1 x 2.9 cm. Hidden bale pendant (4 x 6 mm).

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Viking Age Bronze Comb, Denmark

Catalog number: BHJ133

Your Price: 22.00 €


Replica of a viking bronze comb from Denmark. Site: 3.8 x 4 cm. Comb is adjusted as a pendant.

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IRISH SPIRALS - Triskele, Book of Kells, bronze pendant

Catalog number: BHJ257

Your Price: 15.00 €


Irish Spirals - bronze pendant. Size: 2.2 cm.

This is a very common and well known motif in many of the findings in Ireland and Britain. The three worlds are shown on this motif as part of a whole. Almost identical motifs were found in the illuminated Book of Durrow, as well as the famous Book of Kells (VIII. Century). Identical motif is included on the brooch of Tara (County Meath, Ireland, VIII. Century) and brooches from Lagor (Ireland). This triskel dates back to VI. century decorative part of the pot (ie. escutcheon), England (Hitchin, Hertfordshire).

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DEER, head, bronze pendant, necklace

Catalog number: BHJ237

Your Price: 24.00 €


Deer - head, bronze pendant. Height: 4 cm. There is no hook for a pendant, you must attach your cord or a chain on antlers.

The stag presents heroism, confidence, pride and strength.

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VALKNUT, viking talisman, pendant, Bronze

Catalog number: BHJ227

Your Price: 12.00 €


Valknut - viking bronze pendant. Size: 2.6 x 2.3 cm. Hidden bale system (6 mm). Master model was made by old viking jewelry techniques - filigree and granulation.

Well known viking symbol from runic stones (for example: Tängelgårda stone on the island of Gotland, Sweden, VII. Century). It is a symbol of viking nine worlds and is connected with Odin.

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Viking Necklace, braided, brass

Catalog number: BHJ288

Your Price: 59.00 €


Viking Necklace, braided, brass. Handmade.

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Bird Claw, Talon Pendant, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ286

Your Price: 19.00 €


Bird claw - shaman bronze talisman. A massive, long original jewel of a predator claw, from which you have respect and fear. Similar pendants were worn in the past, but as a real bird's claw. It was believed, that such talismans give strength, provide protection and sharpen the senses and abilities, that are used while hunting and tracking. We believe, that you believe in your abilities and amulets, too. Material: bronze. Size: 6.1 cm. Chain size: 2 x 4 mm.

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THOR's Necklace, VIKING KNIT, bronze

Catalog number: BHJ147

Your Price: 195.00 €


Skillfuly made braided viking bronze necklace. This product includes a Thor's hammer, terminals and braided necklace (0.3 mm wire).

Mjolnir is a perfect reproduction of a Raven Head Thor Hammer that was found in Sweden, locality of Kabara, province of Scania, Sweden. Material: bronze. Very big with the size of 4 x 5 cm.

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