CELTIC TORC, Bull's Heads, bronze

(catalogue number: BHJ420)

Celtic Torc with Bull's Heads. Inspired by an artefact from Trichtingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, 350-100 BCE. Completly manufactured by Wulflund in the land of Celtic Boii tribes (Bohemia).

Torc (troq or torque ) from Latin torques, to twist, is a common name for all rigid metal neck rings and it has been used since the Bronze Age. Torcs were popular with the Romans and it is considered a typical Celtic artefact. It was a symbol of both religious and secular power, worship and protection, as torcs were worn by Gods and Godesses, heroes, warriors and aristocracy; it represented a high social status and importance.

  • Material bronze
  • Size of head terminals 2 x 2 cm
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