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Viking, Celtic, Slavic Golden jewellery.

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THOR'S HAMMER, ROMERSDAL, Denmark, replika pendant, 14K gold, 5.8 g

Catalog number: SBR581

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THOR'S HAMMER Gold Replica of a hammer from Romersdal, Denmark, which is exhibited at the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen. Thor's Hammer, or Mjöllnir, is God Thor's magical weapon. The hammer is unbreakable, it always hits the target and then comes back to the owner's hand. The hammer flies through the sky in the form of a lightning. The word Mjöllnir means "grinder or crusher". To be able to handle the hammer Thor wears a pair of iron gloves and a strength belt. The mjöllnir amulets were worn by the Norse seamen and warriors.

  • Material: 14K gold
  • Size: 3 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 5.8 g


Photo of the original Viking archaeological find.

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Catalog number: SBR582

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Gold SLAVIC SUN WHEEL PENDANT of Kolovrat, also known as Kolowrat or Collowrath, is in the Modern age considered a panslavic pagan symbol of the Sun. The symbol can be found in architecture and on embroidery and pottery in most Slavic countries. Its massive expansion is the matter of the last century and is perhaps proof of a continuous friendship of Slavic nations and their knowledge of the common history. The pendant is proudly worn by Slavs and their descendants around the world.

This large pendant can be worn on either side so it is both clockwise and anticlockwise. Wulflund is the author of the design and we are happy to offer wholesale discounts to potential sellers.

  • Material: 14K gold
  • Diameter approx. 3.2 cm
  • Weight 9.9 g

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SCYTHIAN GRIFFIN, pendant, 14K gold, 7.1 g

Catalog number: SBR583

Your Price: 370.00 €


Griffin GOLD Pendant. The griffin (also griffon or gryphon) is a legendary creature with the body, tail and back legs of a lion, its wings and head belong to an eagle. Like fenix it is associated with rebirth.

  • Material: 14K gold
  • Size: 2.1 x 3.5 cm
  • Bale on reverse 5 x 9 mm
  • Weight 7.1 g

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CELTIC BOAR, Neuvy-en-Sullias, pendant, 14K gold, 4 g

Catalog number: SBR584

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Celtic Boar Gold Pendant. Inspired by an artefact found at the Loire River, France. Wild boar is, besides birds of prey, the most frequently depicted animal in Celtic art. This indicates that it had a special significance in society. The available archaeological and numismatic evidence also strongly suggests that boar hunts may have played an important role in Iron Age warrior initiations, forming part of the "rite of passage" rituals.

  • Material 14K gold
  • Size 2 x 2 cm (without bail)
  • Bail 4 x 8 mm for a cord/chain with a diameter up to 3 mm
  • Weight 4 g

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Druid CELTIC Mistletoe, pendant, 14K gold, 3.9 g

Catalog number: SBR585

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Gold Druid's Mistletoe Pendant. The Celtic Druids observed a ritual of oak and mistletoe which meant cutting mistletoe from a sacred oak, collecting it into a white sheet and making "love potion" to cure infertility.

  • Material 14K gold
  • Size 3.2 x 4 cm
  • Weight 3.9 g

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Valkyrie, Viking Pendant, 14K gold, 6.4 g

Catalog number: SBR586

Your Price: 330.00 €


VALKYRIE GOLD Viking Pendant. According to the Norse mythology Valkyrie is a female figure who in battle decides who may live and who may die. Then she leads the chosen dead warriors to Valhalla, the afterlife Hall of the Slain.

  • Material 14K gold
  • Height 3.5 cm
  • Weight 6.4 g

Valkyrie - silver pendant

Photo of the original viking archaeological find.

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Mac Tíre Celtic Wolf, pendant, 14K gold, 8.3 g

Catalog number: SBR587

Your Price: 430.00 €


Mac Tíre CELTIC WOLF Gold pendant, inspired by the art of the Book of Kells. Mac Tíre is the Irish expression for this animal, in Ireland extinct, but still surviving in the Celtic mythology.

  • Material 14K gold
  • Size 2 x 4 cm
  • Weight 8.3 g

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OAK LEAF, pendant, 14K gold, 6.6 g

Catalog number: SBR588

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Golden OAK LEAF, beautifully organically shaped pendant. Oak tree is a sacred tree in many cultures, in Slavic mythology it is dedicated to Perun, the God of Lightning and Thunder.

  • Material 14K gold
  • Size 2 x 3.6 cm
  • Bail 4 x 6 mm
  • Weight 6.6 g

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