AXE OF PERUN, Slavic pendant, 14K gold

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(catalogue number: SBR574)

AXE OF PERUN Golden Slavic Pendant, replica of a talisman that is also known as "hatchet amulet".  It is an archaeological artifact that was worn as a pendant and shaped like a battle axe. It was found in parts of Scandinavia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Perun is the pre-Christian God of Thunder and Lightning, the highest God of the Slavic pantheon. Some experts connect the amulet to the Norse culture.

  • Material: 14K gold
  • Size: 2.4 x 3.7 cm
  • Weight approx.: 9.50 g
  • The price may vary according to the actual weight of the item


The photo of the original archaeological artefact from Poland, 10th century.

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