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  • DOUBLE-TAILED LION, symbol of Bohemia, silver pendant, Ag 925, 10 g

    Catalogue number: SBR242
    Price: 58.00 €
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    CZECH LION - large silver pendant which symbolizes the Czech statehood. Symbol of the double-tailed lion is the old heradlic symbol of Bohemia.  The facial expression of this lion is not a mute national symbol, it overflows with pride, fighting spirit and the proper portion of anger.  Today the…
  • Knight's Helmet, pendant, sterling silver

    Catalogue number: FGJ150
    Price: 39.00 €
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    Medieval Knight Helmet Sterling Silver Pendant, the design of the tournament helmet is based on an illumination from the Gulhausen Codex, an important source of Czech history during the 14th century. Material sterling silver Size 2.9 (height) x 4 cm Hidden bale 5 x 7mm
  • LION, King's Silver Ring

    Catalogue number: SBR542
    Price: 145.00 €
    LION Regal Silver Ring inspired by medieval gothic architecture of Prague and the Royal crown of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia. One of our products designed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of establishing the Czechoslovakia in 1918, with T. G. Masaryk as the first…
  • Czech Border Patrol Dog, 1930, silver pednant

    Catalogue number: SBR513
    Price: 21.00 €
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    Czech Border Patrol Dog, a silver pednant. Made from the original of a collar pin owned by a member of the Czechoslovak Army Border Troops from the 1930s. A symbol of the soldiers and the nation ready to protect their country. Material sterling silver Weight approx. 4g Dimensions: 2.1 x 2.6cm
  • ROSE, House of Rosenbergs, pendant, silver

    Catalogue number: SBR416
    Price: 59.00 €
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    The House of Rosenberg (Rožmberkové) was a mighty Bohemian noble family, playing an important role in Czech medieval history. They owned, among other places, the town of Český Krumlov, whose historical centre is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Size: 3.1 cm in diameter Material: sterling…
  • BOHEMIAN LION, pendant, sterling silver

    Catalogue number: FGJ202
    Price: 25.00 €
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    Royal Lion with Crown Silver Pendant. According to a legend a son of a Czech prince called Bruncvík (Brunswick) decided to gain a more noble symbol for his coat of arms. He travelled the world with his retinue where he encountered and fought various beasts. On one occasion he saved a lion's life by…
  • BOHEMIAN LION, sterling silver brooch

    Catalogue number: FGJ154
    Price: 63.00 €
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    Lion's brooch with a pin. Symbol of double-tailed lion is an old heraldic symbol of Bohemia and the Czech state. Material sterling silver Size 3.5 x 3.8 cm Weight 8.5 g
  • LIME LEAVES, Slavic Tree, pendant, silver 925, 10 g

    Catalogue number: SBR257
    Price: 39.00 €
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    Linden tree leaves crafted as a large silver pendant, the bail is hidden. The linden tree has become an official panslavic symbol at the Panslavic gathering in Prague (2.-12. 6. 1848). Material sterling silver Size 3.6 x 5 cm  Weight 10 g
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