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  • MJÖLLNIR Moderna, silver pendant

    Catalogue number: SBR619
    Price: 17.00 €
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    Modern Design Silver MJÖLLNIR Pendant. Mjöllnir, or Thor's Hammer, meaning grinder or crusher, is God Thor's magical weapon. The hammer is unbreakable, it always hits the target and then comes back to the owner's hand. The hammer flies through the sky in the form of a lightning. To be able to…
  • TROLL CROSS, Odal Rune, pendant, sterling silver

    Catalogue number: FGJ239
    Price: 28.00 €
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    So called Troll Cross is a strong protective symbol of the old Scandinavian folklore. It protects people, animals and homes against evil and it will help you in a forrest if you encounter trolls and other unfriendly creatures. The pendant is based on the rune called Othila, a strong Germanic…
  • FENRIR, Norse Wolf Pendant, silver 925,

    Catalogue number: SBR269
    Price: 39.00 €
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    Fenrir - the Viking Wolf Sterling Silver PENDANT, one of our most distinguished products. The design is inspired by the Viking art style Borre (named after the locality in Norway, 9th-10th century). Wolf symbolizes strength, endurance and freedom.Fenrir is the eldest son of the God Loki and the…
  • RAVEN THOR HAMMER from Scania, silver 925, 17 g

    Catalogue number: FGJ120
    Price: 83.00 €
    Mjolnir Raven Head Thor Hammer Reproduction of an artefact from Kabara, Scania, Sweden. In our opinion one of the best Thor's Hammer reproductions on the market. Material: sterling silver Size: 4 x 5 cm   Weight: 17 g (!) Shipping worldwide from 5 USD Click the picture to see the photo…
  • Aegishjalmur - Helm of Awe, Icelandic Magical Rune

    Catalogue number: SBR243
    Price: 16.00 €
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    Ægishjálmur (Helm of Awe or Helm of Terror) is one of the Icelandic magical staves. It is believed to possess powerful qualities of protection against evil or injustice. It was used by warriors to induce fear in their enemies’ hearts and to prevail in battle. Material: sterling silver Size: 1…
  • SEATED THOR STATUE - silver pendant, Ag 925

    Catalogue number: SBR03
    Price: 26.00 €
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    Originally a small Viking God Thor bronze figure, seated and holding his hammer, which was found near the area of Akureyri, Iceland, around 1 000 CE. The figure is exhibited at the National Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland. Our reproduction is made of silver, the chain or cord is led through under Thor…
  • FREYR - silver pendant replica, Rallinge, Sweden

    Catalogue number: SBR13
    Price: 21.00 €
    Price before discount: 22.00 €
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    Norse God Frey Sterling Silver Pendant. Frey, or Freyr, is associated with prosperity, sunshine and fair weather and is often pictured as a phallic fertility God. He is the son of Sea God Njörðr and Goddess Freyja's brother. He rides the shining boar Gullinburst. Material sterling silver Height 2…
  • Valkyrie - silver pendant - replica

    Catalogue number: SBR20
    Price: 23.00 €
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    Valkyrie - silver pendant, inspired by a find from Uppland, Sweden.Valkyrie is a protective godess who takes fallen warriors to Valhala. Material sterling silver Height 3,5 cm Weight 3,8 g Photo of the original viking archaeological find.
  • Valkyria - Valkyrie silver pendant - replica, Sweden

    Catalogue number: SBR21
    Price: 23.00 €
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    Valkyrie - replica of a find from the 10th century, Birka, Sweden.

    • Material: sterling silver
    • Height: 3 cm
    • Weight: about 5 g
    • Hidden bale
  • VIKING WARRIOR, Klahammar, Replica, silver pendant

    Catalogue number: SBR514
    Price: 35.00 €
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    Klahammar VIKING Warrior SILVER PENDANT Replica of Viking age silver pendant of a warrior carrying an axe and a sword. The artefact was found in Klahammar, Selaön, Södermanland, Sweden, only in 2016 at an archaeological excavation of an early viking grave in central Sweden. The grave is dated to…
  • Aegishjalmur, Helm of Awe, Magical Rune medallion, silver

    Catalogue number: SBR491
    Price: 45.00 €
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    Aegishjalmur Rune Silver Pendant, Aegishjalmur, also known as Helm of Awe or Helm of Terror, is one of the Icelandic magical staves. It is believed to possess powerful qualities of protection against evil or injustice. It was used by warriors to induce fear in their enemies’ hearts and to prevail…
  • Aegishjalmur, Helm of Awe, Magical Rune, silver

    Catalogue number: SBR490
    Price: 35.00 €
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    Aegishjalmur (Helm of Awe or Helm of Terror) is one of the Icelandic magical staves. It is believed to possess powerful qualities of protection against evil or injustice. It was used by warriors to induce fear in their enemies’ hearts and to prevail in battle. Material sterling silver Size:…
  • HERSIR, Norse Axe, silver pendant

    Catalogue number: SBR460
    Price: 55.00 €
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    HERSIR, Norse Axe, silver pendant.

    • Material: Sterling silver
    • Size: 4 x 4.2 cm
    • Weight 14 g
    • Made by Wulflund, designed by V. González
  • SCANIA Thor's Hammer, Viking Knit, Viking necklace, silver 925

    Catalogue number: FGJ200
    Price: 450.00 €
    Silver Replica of Mjolnir, or Raven Head Thor's Hammer, with Terminals and Silver Wire of an artefact from Sweden, locality of Kabara, province of Scania. Material sterling silver, garnet - almandine Size 4 x 5 cm  Weight depends on the required size, approx. 17 g
  • CARVED ANTLER PENDANT, viking style, sterling silver

    Catalogue number: BHJ181
    Price: 69.00 €
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    Hand made carved pendant in a viking art style.  Material: European deer antler, sterling silver Height: approx. 6 cm Bail: 3 mm
  • WARG, norse wolf, viking pendant, sterling silver

    Catalogue number: SBR305
    Price: 79.00 €
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    Naturalistic silver pendant of a Norse wolf. Wolf symbolizes not only independence but also a life within a family or a community and the quality of being loyal. It can be interpreted as a symbol of a fight for survival and a journey of self-discovery. Material: sterling silver Size 2.2. x 4 cm …
  • FENRIR - Icelandic wolf cross, silver 925

    Catalogue number: SBR273
    Price: 55.00 €
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    An Icelandic Thor's hammer, the so-called wolf cross. The original was found in Fossi, Iceland. Our reproduction is more animalistic, the likes of Fenrir, the Viking wolf. Similar zoomorphic pendants were found in Norway as well. Material: sterling silver Size: 2.2 x 4.1 cm Weight: approx. 9 g
  • VIKING HEAD PENDANT, Gnezdovo, silver 925

    Catalogue number: SBR268
    Price: 33.00 €
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    Reproduction of a viking pendant from Gnezdovo (Smolensk, Russia) discovered as a part of a Gnezdovo terasure near the river of Dnieper. This river was frequently used by the viking traders and warriors. Material sterling silver Size 2.6 x 3.7 cm Bail size 7 x 3.5 mm Weight: 5,9 g
  • VALKNUT, silver viking pendant, Ag 925

    Catalogue number: SBR267
    Price: 29.00 €
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    Valknut Silver Viking Pendant. The Valknut (pronounced “VAL-knoot”) is one of the most widely-discussed yet enigmatic of all of the Norse mythological symbols. It appears on several runestones and pictorial memorial stones from the Viking Age on the Swedish island of Gotland, as well as on…
  • THOR'S HAMMER, Oseberg style, Norway, silver 925

    Catalogue number: SBR262
    Price: 53.00 €
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    Thor's Hammer Silver Pendant inspired by the Oseberg Viking art style, which is documented from a large burial mound at the Oseberg farm near Tønsberg in Vestfold County, Norway. A dragon"s head on the Oseberg drakkar ship bow inspired our design of the beast head at the top of the hammer. The…
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