PROTECTIVE VIKING SHIELD, Birka, silver 925, 10g

In stock 5 - 10 pcs
(catalogue number: FGJ59)

Silver Viking curtain. Imitation of a pendant found in the 19th century during excavations at the famous Swedish site of Birka. Pseudo-granulation. Similar talismans were and are meant to protect a person from negative influences, evil forces and diseases, hence the designation protective shield. If you are looking for an original piece of jewelry, you have just found it!

The pendant you see is a piece of jewelry that is referred to in the literature as a "shield" or "shield-shaped pendant". The jewel was found in a probable female grave, which bears the designation Bj 660; in this grave the label was placed on the chest between oval brooches, and was therefore hung from a neck or string strung between the brooches. The original piece measures 2.2 cm in diameter and its surface is decorated with filigree. The front is divided by ten spiral spokes. A loop runs out from the edge at the back by which this jewel could be hung.

Several dozen of this type of labelled pendant are known from Viking Scandinavia, and almost twenty pieces have been found in Birka alone. However, filigree labels are rare. Our bronze version was cast according to a unique silver model.

  • Material: silver (925)
  • Weight approx. 10 g
  • Size approx. 2,6 cm in diameter