earrings - historical jewelry

Earrings - historical jewelry

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  • TRIQUETRA, Celtic Ear Studs, Silver

    Catalogue number: SBR604
    Price: 12.00 €
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    TRIQUETRA Celtic Silver Ear Studs.

    • material silver
    • size 1 cm
    • price per pair
  • WILD BOAR, earrings, silver

    Catalogue number: SBR560
    Price: 16.00 €
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    WILD BOAR Sterling SILVER Earrings. Wild boar is, besides birds of prey, the most frequently depicted animal in Celtic art. This logically indicates that it had a special significance in society. The available archaeological and numismatic evidence also strongly suggests that boar hunts may have…
  • ISOLDA, amethyst, silver earrings

    Catalogue number: SBR462
    Price: 33.00 €
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    Silver earrings inspired by early medieval rings crafted during the time of the Great Moravia. Material: sterling silver, amethyst Size: 1.1 × 3.4 cm Stone size: 5 mm Weight approx. 4g / piece

    Catalogue number: FGJ104
    Price: 73.00 €
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    A pair of silver earrings. A necklace from Visby, Gotland, Sweden (approx. 1000 CE) served as an inspiration for this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. These earrings are one of our most prestigious products. Each crystal ball is fitted with a silver belt with cast granulation. We have selected the…
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