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Jewellery / silver jewels / mythology collection, ancient cultures / THOTH, Wisdom and Learning, God of Ancient Egypt

THOTH, Wisdom and Learning, God of Ancient Egypt

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Thoth was the god of wisdom and learning and also writing and speech. Thoth, sometimes referred to as Thot (in Greek), was also the god of medicine and magic embodied in the form of ibis or a baboon. You can also meet with a picture of a man with ibis and baboon head, sometimes with a royal crown and a sickle moon.

According to some ancient Egyptian legend was the first ruler of the world and entitled to enter the dead to the underworld. Sometimes we can also meet his joining with other gods. In Memphis, was often associated with the god Ptah and by priests of Ra was the god Re tongue, heart and mind.

According to the teachings of some priests created the world out of the egg, which Thoth descended to the nest. The nest was built on the bushes grew out of space pravodstva.

Size 3 x 1.2 cm. Weight 3 g. Material sterling silver 925.


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THOTH, Wisdom and Learning, God of Ancient Egypt
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