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pendants - historical jewelry

You will find all kinds of silver replica jewellery from many different European cultures here. You can compare the artistic styles of, for example, the ancient CeltsEtruscans, and Romans. The Slavs and the Vikings adopted similar artistic styles and techniques, their jewellery has been celebrated as some of Europe’s most beautiful, but let's not forget the Lombards: they also crafted very interesting precious gemstones jewelry during their heyday.

We are especially proud of our wide selection of Thor’s Hammer pendants. We also manufacture medieval, Renaissance and Baroque jewellery. We play with shapes and forms and love to get inspired by historical treasures in order to create truly original designer pieces.

Our jewellers take pride in using the very best materials available and maintaining the highest standards in their work. We believe that high quality jewelry and amulets  possess a soul and we create every piece with the expectation, that the wearers will probably keep theirs on for the rest of their lives. We have become one of the world’s leading producers of historical jewellery reproductions and we are trying to bring well-deserved fame back home to Czech artisans.

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Valkyrie, shieldmaiden, Wickham, England, silver

Catalog number: FGJ219

Your Price: 29.00 €


Valkyrie - shieldmaiden. As far as we know, this pendant is the first reproduction of the Valkyrie pendant found in England, Wickham Market, Suffolk, the 9th century. According to the Norse mythology Valkyrie is a female figure who in battle decides who may live and who may die. Then she leads the chosen dead warriors to Valhalla, the afterlife Hall of the Slain.

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Size: 1.7 x 3.4 cm
  • Weight: 6 g
  • Hidden bale system

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ZIVA, Lunitsa, Slavs, Vikings, sterling silver pendant

Catalog number: FGJ82

Your Price: 150.00 €


Early medieval silver maiden jewel. The model for this jewel was made using a unique and very time-consuming method of granulation and real filigree. A perfect gift for mothers and mothers-to-be as a sign of gratitude for the fact, that they brought us into this world.

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Maximum size: 5 cm

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LUNITSA, Great Moravian Empire, IX. Century, Replica, silver 925

Catalog number: FGJ113

Your Price: 29.00 €


A replica of an old Slavic jewel - Lunitsa (also Lunula or Luneta). Casted granulation and filigree. The original was found near the town of Staré Město (Old Town), the Great Moravian Empire (first state of Western Slavs), today the Czech Rep, 9th century. The symbol of Lunitsa (or Lunula - little moon) is a female symbol. Such jewels were worn by Slavic and Viking women. It is a symbol of fertility, good luck and a happy life. Product and copyright by Wulflund.

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Size: 2,7 x 3,5 cm
  • Weight: 6 g

Drawing of the original find:

Silver Slavic Viking Jewelry

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Perun, Slavic pendant, antler, silver

Catalog number: FGJ243

Your Price: 55.00 €


Perun, Slavic pendant.

  • Material antler, sterling silver
  • Size: 7 cm

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CELTIC DUCK, France, silver pendant

Catalog number: FGJ164

Your Price: 35.00 €


Sterling silver pendant of a Celtic Duck. Inspired by the duck from Basse Yutz Flagons. These vessels were discovered in Lorraine, France, Iron Age, about 450 BCE. The flagons are two of the finest examples of Early Celtic or Early La Tène Art from anywhere in Europe.

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Size: 1.7 x 2 cm

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DEVANA, Slavic solar pendant, silver, 16 g

Catalog number: FGJ214

Your Price: 69.00 €


A pendant symbolizing the Sun. The desinger was inspired by the Great Moravian findings (the Middle Ages).

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Weight: 17 g
  • Size: 4 x 4.2 cm

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JOKKUM, Thor's Hammer, silver

Catalog number: SBR380

Your Price: 59.00 €


Sterling silver Thor's hammer Jokkum, features Odin's triple corner - Norse symbol of Asatru faith.

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Size: 3.6 x 4.5 cm

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CELTIC CHIEFTAIN TORC, sterling silver, Ag 925, 78 g.

Catalog number: SBR278

Your Price: 330.00 €


Hand made Celtic sterling silver torc. Shape of its terminals is derived from torcs found in the UK. Torc (torques) is a neck jewel of the ancient kings, warriors and druids. Manufactured by Wulflund Jewelry.

Torque (troq or torc) from Latin torques "to twist" is a common name for all rigid metal neck rings, that our ancestors had been wearing since the Bronze Age. Torcs were popular with the Romans and it is considered a typical Celtic artefact. It was a symbol of both religious and secular power, worship and protection, as torcs were worn by gods and godesses, heroes, warriors and aristocracy; it represented a high social status and importance.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Weight varies depending on the size, approx. 78,3 g

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FENRIR Viking Wolf, necklace, sterling silver 925, 34 g.

Catalog number: SBR284

Your Price: 138.00 €


Massive pendant inspired by the viking art style Borre (named after the locality in Norway, the 9th-10th century). Wolf terminals on the leather bolo are inspired by the Wolf Cross from Iceland.

The fate of this mythological wolf is to fight with Odin during Ragnarök. Wolf symbolizes not only independence but also a life within a family or a community and the quality of being loyal. It can be interpreted as a symbol of a fight for survival and a journey of self-discovery.

Please let us know your head circumference over the forehead as you pull the necklace over your head.

  • Material sterling silver, leather
  • Size of pendant 2.1 x 4 cm
  • Weight of silver 16 g
  • Overall weight 34 g
  • Size of wolf head terminals 1 x 2 cm
  • Weight of wolf head terminals approx. 9 g/1 pc

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VIKING BEARD RING, silver, 7 mm diameter

Catalog number: SBR304

Your Price: 19.50 €


Sterling silver viking beard ring.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Height 1.8 cm
  • Inner diameter 7 mm
  • Weight 4 g

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Viking Amethyst Ball Pendant, Gotland, silver

Catalog number: SBR518

Your Price: 65.00 €


Viking Amethyst Ball Pendant, Gotland, silver. Casted granulation.

  • Material: amethyst and sterling silver
  • The chain is not included

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Thor's hammer, Erikstorp, East Gotland, silver replica

Catalog number: SBR354

Your Price: 75.00 €


Replica of Thor's hammer from the site Erikstorp, Gotland, Sweden. Thor's Hammer, or Mjöllnir, is God Thor's magical weapon. The hammer is unbreakable, it always hits the target and then comes back to the owner's hand. The hammer flies through the sky in the form of a lightning. The word Mjöllnir means "grinder or crusher". To be able to handle the hammer Thor wears a pair of iron gloves and a strength belt. The mjöllnir amulets were worn by the Norse seamen and warriors.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Height 3.3 cm
  • Weight 12 g

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Celtic Bull from Bull Rock Cave, Moravia, figure silver

Catalog number: FGJ177

Your Price: 79.00 €


Silver reproduction of a figure of the Bull from the Bull Rock Cave, Moravian Karst, Czech Republic. Palaeolithic settlement from around 100,000 - 10,000 BCE was discovered there and later, the bronze Bull statuette was found, followed by an excavation of a large Hallstatt culture site. The site contained animal and material offerings, crops, textiles, ceramic and sheet-metal vessels, jewellery, glass and amber beads.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 2.8  x 2.9 cm

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MORAVIA, Lunitsa, Slavs, Vikings, pendant, sterling silver

Catalog number: FGJ210

Your Price: 38.00 €


Replica of an old Slavic jewel - Lunitsa (also Lunula or Luneta), the 9th century, Great Moravian Empire (first state of western Slavs). Symbol of Lunitsa (or Lunula - little moon) is a female symbol. Such jewels were worn by Slavic and Viking women. It is a symbol of fertility, good luck and happy life.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 3 x 3.4 cm
  • Weight: 8 g

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Celtic Triskelion, silver belt rivet, concho

Catalog number: FGJ178

Your Price: 14.00 €


Celtic triskelsilver rivet. The pattern comes from ornaments found on a metal sheath of a Celtic Sword of La Tene period.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Diameter 1.4 cm
  • Weight 2 g

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GROMOVITI ZNACI, Thundermarks of Perun, Slavic Amulet, Ag 925

Catalog number: OSL111

Your Price: 35.00 €


Gromoviti znaci Amulet with symbols most often assoiciated with God Perun. In particular the Eastern Slavs carved the symbol on the wooden beams under their rooves, and believed that this divine symbol will give them protection against lightning. Today this amulet is considered one of the symbols of Slavic unity - it shows people holding hands around a central fire. A unity of the family, the tribe, the Slavic people.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 3.3 x 4.1 cm

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PERUN, Slavic Thunder God, pendant, silver 925

Catalog number: SBR261

Your Price: 32.00 €


Sterling silver pendant of the mighty Slavic God of Thunder and Sky Perun. This pendat is inspired by a real artefact depicing Perun and by illustrations of Bohemian artist Mikolas Ales. Our Perun is wearing a hood as a symbol of spirituality, his moustache is a symbol of knowledge and the Sunbeams symbolize his divinity.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 2.2 x 5 cm
  • Weight 6 g

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THOR HAMMER - silver replica, ROMERSDAL

Catalog number: SBR02

Your Price: 26.00 €


Thor´s Hammer Silver Pendant Replica of a Viking Age artefact from Romersdal, Bornholm, Denmark. The original piece was cast and then punched. It is exhibited at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Size: 3 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 4 g

The original artefact:

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