pendants - historical jewelry

Pendants - historical jewelry

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  • Protection Shield Pendant, Birka, Sweden silver

    Catalogue number: FGJ59
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    Silver Viking Pendant. Imitation of the original jewel found in Birka, Sweden, the 10th century. The puropse of these pendants was and still is to protect the wearer and repel bad forces, thus its name. Pseudo-Granulation. If you are looking for a unique jewel, look no more! Material: sterling…

    Catalogue number: SBR142
    Price: $597.81
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    This Silver Wolf Torque is handmade by twisting silver rods of different thickness. The  wolf heads on the terminals are inspired by the Icelandic Thor's Hammer - the Wolf Cross. Torque (troq or torc) from Latin torques "to twist" is a common name for all rigid metal neck rings and it has been…
  • SILVER THOR HAMMER, Erikstorp, Sweden, 10 g

    Catalogue number: SBR140
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    A replica of a Thor's hammer pendant from Erikstorp, Ödeshög, Sweden. Thor's Hammer, or Mjöllnir, is God Thor's magical weapon. The hammer is unbreakable, it always hits the target, and then comes back to the owner's hand. The hammer flies through the sky in the form of a lightning. The word…
  • Scythian Stag Brooch, sterling silver

    Catalogue number: SBR138
    Price: $80.89
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    Scythian Deer Brooch Replica. The original comes from the 7th century BCE; it was a gold plaque, that was found in the Kuban basin, Rusia, an area where the best works of Scythian art have been discovered. The Scythians used to live in the steepes of southern part of Russia. Material sterling…

    Catalogue number: SBR114
    Price: $18.96
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    An EAR CUFF EARRING inspired by a Slavic artefact. Price per one piece.

    • Material sterling silver
    • Size 1.7 cm inner diameter
    • Weight approx. 2.9 g
  • SILVER VIKING CLOAK HOOK, England - 1 piece

    Catalogue number: SBR111
    Price: $53.08
    Price before discount: $65.72
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    Replica of a viking cloak hook that was found in England (9th century). PRICE IS FOR ONE PIECE. Material sterling silver Size cca 1.8 x 5 cm Weight 12 g
  • VIKING LUNULA, Moesgard, Denmark

    Catalogue number: SBR107
    Price: $96.05
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    Sterling silver Viking Lunula made according to an original find, which was found in Denmark (Moesgaard). Symbol of Lunitsa (or Lunula - little moon) is a female symbol. Such jewels were worn by Slavic and Viking women. It is a symbol of fertility, good luck and a happy life. Material sterling…
  • SILVER SLAVIC GOMB, bead, silver 925

    Catalogue number: SBR93
    Price: $21.49
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    The Gomb - a silver Slavic/Viking button or a silver bead for your necklace. Material: 295 silver Size 1 x 1.3 cm Weight approx. 3 g
  • VIKING BEASTS - Beast Head Terminals, silver, Ag 925 - 2 pieces, 10 g.

    Catalogue number: SBR87
    Price: $49.29
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    Pair of silver terminals for Viking pendants such as Thor's Hammers (Mjolnirs). Can be used as end terminals for silver chains or leather cords. The holes in the mouths of the beasts hold pendant hoops. Price is per pair Material sterling silver Length 2.6 cm Weight 5 g/1 piece Diameter of…
  • SILVER PENDANT - replica

    Catalogue number: SBR76
    Price: $82.15
    Price before discount: $120.07
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    Large silver pendant. Reproduction of a pendant from Varba, Sweden.

    • Material sterling silver
    • Size 3.4 x 3.6 cm
    • Weight cca 16 g
  • SVETOVID - massive silver amulet, silver 925, 17 g

    Catalogue number: SBR45
    Price: $99.85
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    Made after a find of a wooden Slavic idol of a four-headed Slavic God Svantovit from Jomsborg - Wollin, Poland).  Svantovit is a Slavic God of war, fertility and abundance. He has four heads to protect you from all sides. Body of this pendant resembles the bark of an oak tree - sacred tree…

    Catalogue number: SBR50
    Price: $22.75
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    Material: silver (925). Size: 2 x 4 cm. Weight: cca 4,2 g.

  • BIG THOR HAMMER from Skane - Sweden, Ag 925

    Catalogue number: SBR29
    Price: $152.93
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    Probably one of the most interesting Hammers of Thor on the Czech market, in ths case decorated with a garnet. It is inspired by an archeological find from Kabara, kraj Skåne, Sweden. The original is exhibited in the Swedish History Museum. Material: sterling silver, garnet Size: 4 x 5 cm Weight…
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