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Thor's hammer known as the wolf cross was found at the Icelandic site of Fossi, 10th - 11th century AD. During their war campaigns, the Vikings also reached Iceland, where they left behind unique amulets of this type. The shape of the hammer was specific, most often in the shape of an inverted letter T. Thor's hammer in the shape of a cross with a wolf's head, sometimes referred to as the "Wolf's Cross", also comes from Islalnd. Today, the original is on display at the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik. The dimensions of the original are 3 x 5 cm.

Our reproduction has a more animalistic expression of the Viking wolf Fenrir.

  • Material: sterling silver 925
  • Size: 2,2 x 4,1 cm
  • Weight: approx. 10 g
  • The eye is less than 4 mm wide and 5 mm high.


Photo of the original.

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