KOLOVRAT WITH BLUE IJOLITE, Silver Slavic Colovrat Pendant, Ag 925

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(catalogue number: SBR232)

Unique Slavic jewel with IJOLITE. It is probably the first one in the world combines the symbol of Kolovrat and old jewellery making methods of granulation and filigree that were very popular during early Slavic Empires (such as Moravia Magna Empire).

The Kolovrat (Kolovrat, Collowrath) symbol is in modern ages considered a panslavic pagan symbol of the Sun. Old Slavic faith connects people with Slavic blood all over the world and this symbol is one of these connections. Slawa!

Wulflund is the manufacturer of this pendant which is protected by copyright. We can offer wholesale discounts to resellers.

  • Material sterling silver, ijolite
  • Size circa 3.3 cm in diameter
  • Weight 5 g
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