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Silver Jewelry, Slavic, Celtic and Viking Pendants, Silver brooches and earrings, Wholesale Pewter Jewels (amulets, pendants, talismans), Export and Import, Historical jewels with gemstones, custom made rings, Iron Age Jewels, Wiccan and fairy fashion.


Wulflund Viking Celtic Jewels Jewelry Jewellery

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amulettes et des talismans

Amulettes et des Talismans

Grande offre d'étain différente, d'étain ou de pendentifs en céramique: pendentifs celtiques (Dieux celtiques, Triquetra, arbre de vie, Pendentifs animaux celtiques), pendentifs Viking (marteaux de Thor, les navires de dragon - drakkars, les dieux vikings, Animaux Viking), pendentifs runiques (runique alphabet), pendentifs magiques (pentacles, pendentifs magiques de l'Europe médiévale et en Asie), pendentifs (pendentif astrologie Zodiac), pendentifs Fantasy (épée, haches de guerre, des crânes, des dragons, des êtres fées), pendentifs et autres animaux.

bijoux en argent

Bijoux en Argent, vente en gros

Sterling silver jewels - ancient (Celtic and Roman jewellery), medieval (Viking and Gothic) and modern (fantasy - fairy) necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets and rings. Mand made (filigree and granulated replicas) and casted jewels. Import - Export - Custom made production - Wholesale Store.

We are one of the oldest European shops that sells historical jewelry replicas. After many years of import and export these jewels now we have our own jewelry workshop (Wulflund Jewelry) and we produce perfect replicas of jewels. Our motto is that the jewel should have a soul and that our customer will wear such jewel until the end of life. For these reasons expect from us "The Jewel" which beauty will never fade.

Most of jewels of our production that are keept also in larger quantities (because of re-sellers) you can see : here - Wulflund Jewelry

Average shipping worldwide price: 5 Eur. Quick paymen by Paypal.

historiques des répliques en bronze

historiques des répliques en bronze

Bronze fibules, Pendentifs, raccords de ceinture. Bijoux Bronze Viking, slave et bijoux romains.

czech moldavites, jewels

czech moldavites, jewels

Czech Moldavites (Vltavin) - real Moldavites from our country. Jewels with Moldavites - WHOLESALE

is a green meteorite glass that was formed during a meteorite impact. It is named after the river of Vltava (the Moldau). Main localities are in the Southern Bohemia (Czech Republic).

Moldavites were formed before 14.5 mil. years in the area of Nördlinger (Bavaria, Germany) where the crater of Ries was formed (24 km in diameter). It is supposed that the meteorite had 1 km in diameter, impact caused melting of sedimentary rocks, they were cooled while they were actually airborne and most fell in the area of 250 km distant localities.

Moldavites are very rare. Thats why many cheaters try to make fakes (especially in China). We are manufacturers of Moldavite jewels and we select moldavites of the finest quality directly from the collectors. Our company guarantee to you real origin of Moldavites.

Wulflund Moldavite Jewellery

ČMoldavite - Czech Republic, shop Moldavite - Czech Republic, shop

Our moldavite shop - Rašínovo nábřeží 40, Prague 2, Czech Republic 


We are probably first jewellers who created a jewel that can be named: BOHEMIAN JEWEL (Bohemia - part of the Czech Rep.) - we combine moldavites and old jewellery methods of granulation and filigree - very popular methods in early medieval Great Moravian Empire.

Did you know that ...
- W.Churchill always took moldavite in his pocket?
- English Queen Elisabeth II. has moldavite jewel surrounded by diamond
- in Sountern Bohemia where moldavites are found was popular habit: husband gave to his wife moldavite to express his deepest feelings.

Our jewels have cosmic soul and memory of Earth.

Moldavites Moldavite Shop Value Properties
Here are some of our official gem expertises accepted by the Czech authorities that prooves natural origin of our moldavites:

Moldavite - Czech Republic, shop Moldavite - Czech Republic, shop

bijoux en grenat

bijoux en grenat

Bijoux en grenat - pendentifs, boucles d'oreilles, colliers, bracelets, broches. Fabriqué en République tchèque.

bijoux de fer, torque

bijoux de fer, torque

Bijoux de fer, torque.

La Tene Necklaces Celtic Torqueses
* required measurements: in the last step of your order let us know your neck circumference (A) and required circumference of the torc (B) - see the picture

bijouterie fantaisie

bijouterie fantaisie

Bijouterie fantaisie (broches, épingles, colliers, boucles d'oreilles), la collection de bijoux médiéval, Perles CZ.

accessoires bijoux

accessoires bijoux

Accessoires bijou: boîtes à bijoux, cordons en cuir pour pendentifs, chaînes de cou.

Bijoux avec des pierres

Bijoux avec des pierres

Cette collection de boucles d'oreilles, pendentifs, bracelets colliers, etc colliers. est un exemple de bijoux faits à la main a qui est devenu très populaire parmi nos clients, ils sont également utiles comme un accessoire fantaisie originale Costume Appelé avec LARP.

Chaque produit que nous offrons Qu'à cette page est un travail manuel et pour cette raison est uniqe. Tchèque a fait.

Ambre Bijoux

Ambre Bijoux | Argent Pologne

La meilleure des bijoux d'ambre de la qualité de la Pologne. Argent et bijoux en ambre de la région de la Baltique. Moderne bijoux en ambre. Natural bijoux en ambre.

crowns and tiaras

crowns and tiaras

Historical and fantasy tiaras, crowns.

bijoux en laiton, importations en Irlande

bijoux en laiton, importations en Irlande

Bijoux en laiton, importations en Irlande.

Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland

Sami bijoux, Lappand

Sami Joyaux Lappand Suomi en Finlande

Faits à la main des bijoux fabriqués en Laponie Sami, Inari zone (circa-dessus du cercle polaire arctique), la Finlande. Bijoux sami.


Dino boutique

After 10 years in re-enactment we decided to start to work on opening a new shop "Prehistoria". It is time to bring our child's dreams alive :) Wulflund gave us many experiences to produce world's quality jewels and these experiences we want to apply in production of dinosaur, tertiary mammals or trilobite jewels.

Are you interested in WHOLESALE for your shop or dino-park? Do you have any other special request? If so, contact me: wulflund@gmail.com

des badges et des ordonnances

Insignes historiques, des collections, insignes Ordre du Temple, anglais, tchèque, allemand, Répliqu

Insignes, rubans, médailles élogieuse d'honneur, de l'or des bijoux plaqués avec des pierres précieuses historiques

argent bijoux en plaqué

Argent bijoux en plaqué

Boucles d'oreilles argentées et pendentifs. La plupart du temps la production tchèque.

chakra, reiki

Chakra and Reiki pendants silver with gemstones

Chakra and Reiki silver jewels.

écossais badges clan

écossais badges clan

Insignes écossais Clan étain Coat of Arms écossaise (badges héraldiques) - vente en gros.

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